Ruins of Elysium: Epic Metal Defying Social Dogmas

Hailing from the Netherlands, Brazil, and Italy, the epic symphonic metal band, Ruins of Elysium, has dedicated its work to people who have to fight against the system that society has implemented; such as women’s rights, LGBT rights, racial minorities, and any others who feel oppressed.

“Society has a lot of stupid rules, and I like to break them,” lead singer, Drake Chrisdensen, said. “You can expect me [at shows] to be in really high heels and really strong makeup.”

In addition to using their stage presence, Ruins of Elysium are trying to spark discussion about social issues through their latest extended play, ‘Daphne.’

Daphne, the title track, is a ten minute epic about female empowerment, sexism, and homophobia too,” Chrisdensen said. “I don’t think we talk about those subjects as much as we should be talking about them; Rock and Heavy Metal were created to defy the dogmas of society. We had to keep giving voices to those oppressed who still suffer from the prejudice around us.”

In the title track, Ruins of Elysium speaks to women and of their lack of equality in a world seemingly still run by men with lyrics such as: “We live on a phallus shaped world / Where virginity’s made of gold / It’s your fault, don’t forget it / Daphne, you were the one to bite the apple.”

When they’re not writing about social injustices, Ruins of Elysium also find great inspiration from geek culture, video games, movie soundtracks, and other epic soundtracks in particular.

“Our first EP had two songs [based on video games], one was based on Dragon Quest and the other one was based on Final Fantasy,” stated Chrisdensen. “Now in our new studio EP, Daphne, there is one based on Pokémon, and it’s our darkest song.”

The band also draws inspiration from different factions of metal, and even some classical music. Guitarist, Tamar Van Der List, draws inspiration from bands like Nightwish and Epica; and the other guitar player, Vincenzo Avallone, enjoys prog metal, and finds way to import the sound into Ruins of Elysium songs. Filipe Câmara, the bassist, is into the classical metal sound; and drummer, Marcelo França, loves power metal.

The band has a new album in the works, whose name has yet to be decided, and plan to have tracks inspired by the cartoon, Sailor Moon; and Chrisdensen’s favorite video game, Shadow Colossus, stating that it would be a sin to be a geek band and not write about that masterpiece of a game.

Fans can also expect a music video for their song, “Largo Al Factotum,” the Ruins of Elysium version of “Figaro’s Aria” from The Barber of Seville. And a video for the first single, ‘Serpentarious,’ off of their currently unnamed album set for 2017, is also in the works.

Though, as far as touring goes, the band is focusing their time on producing their first full length album before they hit the road. So fans will just have to patiently listen to the band’s two EPs in the meantime.

Along with spreading the word about their current EP and their progression towards a new album, the band will always continue to try to give a voice to those who as though they are being silenced.

“We want people to listen to [our music], we want people to feel represented by it,” said Chrisdensen. “People who suffer from social vices, such as sexism and homophobia will listen to it and say, ‘Woah there is a metal band talking [these issues].’”




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