Review: Exmortus – Ride Forth

A concoction of twin guitars, neoclassical shredding, Bay Area thrash, progressive death and traditional heavy metal, is how the Southern California band, Exmortus describe their sound. With more than a decade of performing together, the seasoned metal veterans have returned with their sixth studio album, “Ride Forth,” released in January, 2016.

This 44 minute, full throttle album is another ready-to-fight/war album, with track names such as: ‘Speed of the Strike,’ ‘For the Horde,’ ‘Hymn of Hate,’ and ‘Death to Tyrants.’ Yet the feel of the album is not that of a fight within the 21st century, but more reminiscent of an era of knights, Vikings, and illustrious battles fought for glory.

Exmortus keeps the same steady, fast-paced drums and guitar riffs throughout the album until the seventh song on the album, ‘Appassionata.’ Which is a five minute instrumental expose that has the similarly fast-paced beats coming from the drums coming from Mario Moreno, while epic guitar solos come from both guitarists, Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez and David Rivera, and some funky bass lines are lay down by Michael Cosio.

The lyrics, also sung by Gonzalez, are what really transport you to a time of epic battles won by wielding swords. In the song, “For the Horde” he sings: “Thirst for blood cannot be quenched / Crimson rain, our steel is drenched / Victory, we raise our swords / For the Horde.”

Though I feel that the war/fight songs are the go-to for most metal bands, I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of being in a different era. 9/10


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