Review: Scarangella – Prototype

Scarangella is a band that’s hard to pin down to any particular subgenre of metal, especially with their latest extended play ‘Prototype.’ One moment this band is melting your face off with some seriously heavy riffing with a tinge of industrial metal flair and the next they’re showing their skill with melodic, shreddy leads in the vein of In Flames.

Coming in at four tracks, ‘Prototype’ is a highly variable release. It opens with ‘Unborn.’ This industrial-ish, bass heavy track kicks off this extended play in a big way with gnarly riffs, distinct bass lines, pounding drums, and a snarly vocal style that’s brutal but easy to understand.  Overall, this is one hell of an opening track.

Following the opening track is ‘At Close Range.’ At first it comes off as just a continuation of the style introduced with ‘Unborn’ but the moment the speed kicks up, it’s obvious this track is about to evolve. That being said, after a couple of chunky breakdowns, we’re introduced to a couple of new tricks including semi-clean vocals, wailing lead guitar, and even a melodic section. Least to say, this track is on par with its predecessor and keeps things fresh.

Fast, chugging riffs, wailing leads, and melodic undertones take command with ‘Dragons, Thunder, Wizards, and Shit!’ This track is equal parts melodic death metal and power metal. It’s got the best of both worlds with some seriously shreddy guitar solos, heavy rhythms, melodic riffing, and outlandish lyrics. Once more, Scarangella pushes the envelope and succeeds to keep the listener guessing and craving more.

For this final track Scarangella took a distinctively Djent approach. Ripe with chunky riffing, heavy breakdowns, punishing rhythms, snarling growls and tormented screams, this track will have you banging your head throughout. This track really hits the big wave around 3:20 when the speed builds up into a shreddy guitar solo that’s easily one of the best on the EP. Overall, this track is one last heavy hitter for this outstanding extended play, especially with it’s long length of five and half minutes.

With just four tracks this extended play is just the right length, but damn I wish it was a full length. Scarangella is one of those bands whose greatest strength is its versatility. Not one track sounds the same and every one of them will have your head banging and your horns in the air. 10/10


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