End in Echoes: Progressive Metalcore on the Rise

Hailing from the city of Medina, Ohio, End in Echoes formed at the onset of summer in 2012 when guitarist Todd Amonette put out an advertisement for musicians interested in forming a hardcore band. This led to founding bassist, Jesse Williams to answer the call and form a year’s long friendship and music partnership.

Quickly forming a complete lineup, End in Echoes formed under the name Next to Ascend. The name was eventually cast out as being too “stupid” and unoriginal. As such, the band got together and began throwing out words in attempt to find a new name. Hoping to steer clear of buzzwords and generic sounding names, they eventually came upon the combination of ‘end’ and ‘echoes’, which turned into their current name, End in Echoes.

Their name firmly established, the band began crafting its style, which was initially inspired by bands such as My Chemical Romance, The Used, Protest the Hero, and Avenged Sevenfold. In time, the band wanted a more progressive sound than those bands. As such, they kept working at their music and four years later, drummer JT Makse feels that the band’s sound has become all their own.

Despite crafting a unique sound, the band as we know it today didn’t come into being until two years after formation. Numerous lineup changes hindered the band’s success early on, but with the current lineup the band is at full strength and working hard at their goal to stand out in the American metal scene. One of their biggest strengths is that the band works together to write lyrics and music, thus giving each song a different feel from the others.

Releasing their first album, ‘Beauty and Chaos’ in September, 2015, the band touched heavily on social issues such as corruption in government, civil unrest, and the changing ecological environment. Of course, the band has a much more positive message to their lyrics.

“We write mostly about change and improvement in yourself, in society, and the world” says vocalist JJ Wagner. “We’re not rockstars. We’re professional musicians.”

Their debut not even a year old yet but highly acclaimed, so much that they sold their entire first order on release day,  the band is already working on their next release. Rather than a full length, however, their sophomore effort will be a five song extended play. Regardless of the shortened length, the band is doubling their investment for this release by recording at the acclaimed Spider Studios, which is known for producing albums by Chimaira, It Dies Today, and Drowning Pool. Unfortunately, financials are holding the extended play back until at least the spring of 2017. But to better pay for the EP, the band is steadily producing new merchandise including t-shirts, shorts, and artwork.

While the next release by End in Echoes is almost a year away, fans can sink their teeth into their ten track debut album, or better yet, see them live. The band had dedicated itself to playing as many shows as possible including Summer Slaughter 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, and a Battle of the Bands show in which the winner would be given the chance to open for Mushroomhead – the band took second place. Given the band’s heavy music, one can expect to a performance that is “immersive and energetic,” so much so that it’s a common occurrence for fans to exclaim “that’s how you start a show!”

Aiming to take the country by storm in 2017, the band is working hard on gaining enough money to buy a vehicle and trailer, so they can tour beyond their usual stomping grounds. Some areas of the USA on the band’s list include the upper East Coast, the Midwest, and the Deep South. In the meantime, however, the band has a couple of surprises for fans on the horizon. Currently, they’re working on a lyric video to tide us over for a proper music video, both of which are waiting on the finalization of the new tracks, and a CKY-esque behind the scenes web series entitled ‘Behind the Echoes.’

It goes without saying that End in Echoes in a hardworking band. There is so much in store for these guys that one has to wonder how they will pull it all off. Well, here’s to hoping all of their plans come to fruition. In the meantime, be sure to check out the band’s debut album on Bandcamp and their official Facebook for upcoming shows.


Official End in Echoes Bandcamp




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