Underground Spotlight: Armored Assault

Thrash: noun:

A violent or noisy movement, typically involving hitting something repeatedly.

Thrash Metal: noun:

A style of fast, loud, harsh sounding rock music, combining elements of punk and heavy metal.


Now that everyone knows the road we’re about to go down, it’s time to buckle up. Armored Assault, as its name implies, is a heavy metal juggernaut that bleed passion. These guys didn’t start Armored Assault with dreams of driving Corvettes, they formed because heavy, fast music is just who they are. Attention general public, this is what REAL musician’s sound like.

Armored Assault is an American thrash metal band out of Des Plaines, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Although thrash metal is what Armored Assault is most easily identified with, this is a talented bunch, and once you start checking them out you’ll understand more. With four demos and two extended plays under their belt, there’s little reason why this five piece shouldn’t be in your playlist. When I put on 2011’s ‘Dead Before Dawn,’ and the title track got underway, I was legitimately mad at myself for not listening to it sooner.

Tommy Belino and Marc Notardonato serve up a straight shred fest on guitar, and with Andy ‘Pindy’ Pindeleski howling like a rabid dog at the front, it becomes pretty damn clear that you, and the neighbors are going have a late night. One mistake I made was listening to ‘Dead Before Dawn’ over and over before I moved onto track two. Listening to Belino and Notardonato, I kept thinking; “are these guys kidding me with this guitar attack?” When I made it to track two, ‘Snatch Express’, my question was answered, and the answer is no, they are not kidding. On ‘Snatch Express’, Belino and Notardonato burn up their guitars with a technical manifestation that fuses metal with a blues sound. Honestly, it’s an imposing sample of what Armored Assault is capable of.

Along with Belino, Notardonato, and Pindy, Armored Assault has two other domineering musicians. On bass is Elliott Moser, and on drums is Mark Suttner, and it’s indisputable that these five belong together. The unmarred alliance emerged as a mortifying group, arranged perfectly, and ready to decimate the scene. The devotion these guys have is irrefutable and it shows in the most authentic way that metal fans constantly seek.

As metal guys, we all know the brotherhood we have entered. On 2014’s EP ‘Call The Beast’, Armored Assault welcomed their brothers to lay down some backing vocals on the title track. With Jeff Ziolo, and Patrick Chidley helping in the recording aspect of ‘Call the Beast’, Armored Assault packed over 20 metalheads into Ziolo’s Dungeon of Doom recording studio. With all of those people screaming it’s the ultimate example of metal solidarity, and it is crushing. If you live anywhere near the Chicago area, these guys play live relatively often, so do yourself a favor and check them out. Along with the raw talent, passion, and brutality of Armored Assault, they’re hilarious as well. There’s a lot of reasons why I’m proud to say I’m from Chicago and Armored Assault has just made the list.


Editor’s Note – Underground Spotlight is a new series MATG will be running on killer bands from around that world. This will generally precede a full feature article covering the band’s past, present, and future. So, for more info on Armored Assault keep on the lookout for the feature piece soon! For now, enjoy this promotional track.



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