Gabriel and the Apocalypse: The Next Big Thing in Industrial Metal

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gabriel and the Apocalypse has been fusing together elements of different genres to create the sound they’ve been extremely successful with since 2011 and has become a fixture in their scene and beyond their state’s borders.

Vocalist Lindy Gabriel had a vision for a band that varied “in dynamic and sound,” and considering all the members of the band “like different stuff…everything from classic rock to metal, industrial, electronica, grunge, [and] alternative,” what resulted was a heavy, unique sound that rose above the rest.

Even though the band has had many lineup changes in its run so far, Lindy and guitarist Jake LaCore have held down the group even as people came and went.

“Life gets crazy and busy and at times it may become difficult to have everyone on the same page, with the same goals, etc. We have always remained friends with previous members, GATA is like one big chaotic family,” Lindy said. Thankfully the band’s maturity and work ethic has kept them together for over five years now.

On their journey as a group, Lindy said that “every day is a challenge. It takes dedication, time, [and] sacrifice. This business is a roller coaster and cut throat. But at the end of the day it’s what we love to do.”

Not only does Gabriel and the Apocalypse fight for their music, but they’ve put extra thought and effort into their lyrics and musical concepts. Lindy writes all of the lyrics for the albums and she gains inspiration for their music from “a variety of topics…from world issues, politics, government, and personal things that have struck a chord with [me]. You won’t hear a GATA song about going to the strip club and getting wasted, because that shit isn’t real meaningful,” Lindy said.

“Our sound is versatile. We have songs that are hard hitting [and] in your face and we have songs that are pretty and sad. When we all hit the stage together magic happens. We feed off one another’s energy and we throw down,” remarks Lindy.

“I think we have a different vibe than most metal bands these days,” says LaCore. “Different look, different sound.”

As of this writing Gabriel and the Apocalypse is getting ready to release a new record on October 7th, 2016. Of course, it hasn’t come too easy for the band to get the album recorded and ready for release. Then again, what does come easy in this industry?

“Studio time isn’t cheap. It takes lots of resources to make it happen from the conception of the record to writing, tracking, mixing, and mastering,” says LaCore with Lindy adding, “I would say the main challenge is staying inspired and in writing mode when you have a deadline hanging over your head.”

With the album due out in just a few weeks, the band will be riding out the remainder of the year by touring with Wednesday 13 and One-Eyed Doll in the Southern United States. Not only that, but Lindy said, “We plan on touring more than ever in 2017. We’ll see what the year brings.” With a high profile tour in the works and a new album on the way, Gabriel and the Apocalypse is ready for what the future holds and they know that this upcoming album will “propel” them into a new year of new success.


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