Review: Lonewolf – The Heathen Dawn

It’s been two years since French heavy metal band, Lonewolf, released their debut with Massacre Records ‘Cult of Steel’. Back in April, the band returned with their 8th studio album, “The Heathen Dawn.”

This 58 minute, 13 track album is thr perfect battle soundtrack with hard-hitting songs such as “Demon’s Fire,” “Rise to Victory,” Mother Faith,” “Until The End” and title track, “Heathen Dawn.”

My favorite song off this record had to be, “I Choose the Dark,” in which vocalist, Jens Börner, sings of trying to find his way in life and ultimately deciding to “choose the darkness.” Through the song, it is made to feel that “choosing the darkness” was the decision to be a part of heavy metal instead of taking his musical prowess into other genres. Which is a decision that the fans should all be able to relate to, as each metal head themselves have all had to “choose the darkness.”

As a whole I enjoyed this album, the instrumentals were very strong, from the wailing of the guitars to the heavy beat that the drums and bass play, but the vocals could have been stronger. It was as if at times they were masked behind the power of the instruments, where I wish they would have stood out more. 8.5/10


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