Review: Blue Pills – Lady in Gold

Amidst all of the drama surrounding the current state of the world, an escape into simpler times is exactly what the doctor ordered. Calming our souls with their latest album, “Lady in Gold,” is the 70’s inspired hard rock band, Blues Pills.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hedrix, Janis Joplin, and Cream, Blues Pills capture the sound of 70’s soul, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll as if they acquired a time machine and were able to back in time.

The album opens with the band’s title track, “Lady In Gold,” a song about the Grim Reaper; except instead of the traditional ominous cloaked skeleton man, death has come in the form of a beautiful woman. But as the song progresses, the once beautiful “Lady in Gold” shows her true, deathly form, with the outro of song being: “Creature of the night / Hidden plain in your sight / Her wings are coloured black / There’s no turning back.”

Skipping to the fourth track on the album, “I Felt a Change,” a touching love song about a failed relationship. Vocalist, Elin Larsson, sings of the pain she feels and how she will never let go of the relationship that was lost. Between the instrumentals and the emotion transmitted through Larsson’s vocals, this song could give Adele’s “Hello” a run for its money.

Focusing on the problems circling around our society, the seventh track, “You Gotta Try,” sings of the inequality and indifference between one another, with lyrics such as: “You spend a dollar / Spend it on something true / He’s taller, you’re much smaller / Would he care if he was you / Oh, would he bother if you / Had nobody to turn to / There’s no honour in the things we do / For that dollar, that dollar or two.”

A band clearly uninterested in the music of today, Blues Pills brings an old school sound that hasn’t graced airwaves in decades. This album also delivers a touch of soul that is definitely needed in the world, especially rock’n’roll. 10/10



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