Underground Spotlight: Three Left

Three Left is one of those hard rock bands that see on flyers for local shows, but you never pay too much attention to for whatever reason. Then comes the day that you happen across their show and you find yourself wondering “how did I not know about these guys sooner?”


Straddling the line between traditional heavy metal and American hard rock, Three Left is a straight to the point kind of band. Offering gnarly riffs backed by strong rhythms, melodic leads, and led by a clear and powerful voice, this band has all of the ingredients of a great hard rock band.


I was first introduced to this band by a friend in the local hard rock scene and later attended an outdoor festival show down in Kenosha, Wisconsin. What I saw was a highly energetic and well-received show. Despite a small stage, vocalist Chadwick Davis was constantly on the move, jumping off the stage, knocking down mic stands, standing on monitors, and engaging with the crowd and his bandmates. It was a highly entertaining show and the music that I heard hit the spot. Tunes like ‘Face Turned Black,’ ‘Stand Up,’ and ‘Beating Around the Bush’ hit hard while remaining pretty radio friendly. Whether you dig a radio friendly hard rock band or not, these guys are one of those bands that deserves the recognition that they get and more.


For more information on Three Left be on the lookout for our full feature article coming soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out the band’s REVERBNATION page and listen to their debut extended play.




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