Review: Milestones – Reborn EP

Milestones is one of those bands that hit the ground running and hit hard. Their debut extended play ‘Reborn’ released June 26th and the band has been playing as many shows as possible, thus building their fan base with every outing.

At just three songs ‘Reborn’ is the perfect length for a first taste of a band and the band utilizes these three tracks to effectively showcase their post hardcore style. One of the standout aspects of the band is vocalist Aaron Holstein’s unique voice. It’s not quite a growl but it’s definitely not clean; it’s somewhere in between with a nice a guttural quality to it. At first his voice was a little off-putting, but after a while you realize that it brings a whole new element to the music at hand. This coupled with the band’s chunky riffs, heavy rhythms, and versatile musical approach makes this extended play a real treat, so onto the track by track review.

‘Brendan Fraser’s Excellent Adventure’ kicks things off with an intoxicating bass line followed by a heavy riff that you might picture troops marching into battle to. Not long after, the track kicks into a driving riff and heavy rhythms. Holstein’s vocals carry on alongside the mid-tempo speed of this track, but a short spoken word section throws things off a little bit. Fortunately, the track quickly recovers and ultimately ends with a slowing of the pace until a final fade out. Overall, it’s good tune, but not best Milestones has to offer.

‘Final Goodbye’ is a ballad, well, sort of. It starts off with some clean strumming, light tapping of the bass and reserved drums led by a spoken word approach. The track soon kicks up the heaviness, but the heartfelt lyrics carry on throughout. Guitarist Jake Schwab shows a bit more technicality in his musical approach giving this track some serious character. Overall, it’s a pretty solid song. The message is strong, but the spoken word section late in the track interrupts the flow. Regardless, it’s a good track.

‘Reborn’ is easily the heaviest track on the extended play. Hitting hard with powerful, cymbal-driven drum beats, charging riffs, and the occasional breakdown, this track is a force to be reckoned with, especially in the final quarter of the tune. The band really lets out the fury with some sharp hooks that lead into the fadeout.

Milestones’ debut extended play, ‘Reborn,’ is a solid piece of work. The band is highly talented and though I enjoyed it I was left wanting a little more. Maybe it’s the lack of guitar solos, the riff-centric guitar approach, and the lack of clean singing thrown in the mix for good measure, or maybe it’s just the short length, but I walked away feeling partially satisfied. Of course, that’s no disrespect. These guys are just getting their feet wet and I’m sure their sound will evolve over time. As such, I’d recommend this album to any hardcore or metalcore fan. 8/10


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