Imaginary Me: Heavy Metalcore from Texas

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Imaginary Me is a metalcore band that’s starting to build up some steam. Their debut extended play released in May of 2016 and their debut full length currently in production, the band is ready to rock. So how did they come to be?

“It was just a long time dream of mine. I was in a band back in the day and I was looking to get my feet wet again. A band member of mine [Tyler Scholz] said ‘hey man, come over, lets jam.’ Things were going good and we were writing songs, and we found the right people,” says founding member and guitarist, Josh Junk.

Though it sounds like the band’s formation was smooth, it was nothing close to easy. Due to impatience among the younger members, Imaginary Me (originally known as This Dying Dream) went through several members until finally settling on their current lineup of Josh Junk (Guitar), Tyler Scholz (Lead Guitar/Clean Vocals), Sean Harshaw (Bass), David Baker (Drums), and Marcus Camarillo (Harsh Vocals).

Since inception the band has been creating and refining their sound, which they call “heavy metalcore” and is a combination of old school death metal and metalcore with such influences as Cannibal Corpse, Killswitch Engage, Underoath, and We Came as Romans. This sound was put into practice in the band’s debut extended play ‘Breathe Heavy, Play Heavy.’

Driven by the popularity of their debut EP, which gained 1000 views for the first video, Junk says the band already has three tracks recorded for their upcoming full length. As with their EP, the band is recording at Square One Studios in Denver, Colorado. So far, the tracks that are recorded have no names and are absent of lyrics. Junk says the band just wanted to lay down the music and is now writing the lyrics in anticipation of their next trip to Denver.

Currently armed with four official lyric videos from the extended play, Imaginary Me plans to promote the upcoming album in much the same fashion. Of course, they plan to replace their small house shows with clubs and large venues, for up to this point the band has focused all of its energy on creating a stable lineup, recording, writing, and playing the occasional basement show. Regardless, the band has been met with a great reception.

“We try to do it all under the sun. Tyler is a very moving around kind of guy. Our drummer gets up on the kit. It’s just a good time. You know how metal is,” says Junk of their stage show. “The crowd loves it. They get into as much as we get into it. We’re there to put on a show.”

Come September 27th, after a year of being a band, Imaginary Me will make their large venue debut at The Dirty Dog in Austin, Texas. After that they plan to take their trailer and touring vehicle and hit the four corners of the United States. However, in the immediate future they have their eyes on their native state of Texas.



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