Underground Spotlight: These Beasts

Written by Matt Drummond

Let me tell you one of the reasons I love doing this. I’m in an extraordinarily lucky scenario where I can get new music with the push of a button. Not only is it new music but a lot of the time it’s good new music, and sometimes it’s bands I most likely would have never heard. So what’s my responsibility beyond listening to great music?  It’s to share and enlighten you guys. These Beasts is my most recent “somebody’s gotta hear this” band. Picking up puzzle pieces from Atlanta, Cleveland, and Austin, These Beasts all collided in Chicago, and now call the Windy City home.

With a mutual friend introducing guitarist/vocalist Chris Roo and drummer Keith Anderson, the idea for the band began to formulate about nine years ago. With the addition of vocalist/bassist Todd Fabian, These Beasts had cemented their lineup and cracked the code. Playing together seriously for the last 2 years, These Beasts has now released their debut Salvor. I’ve said, “just listen to it” a lot, so let me try a different approach. If I didn’t like it my name wouldn’t be on this. I’m writing about this band because what they’re doing deserves to be heard.

With Salvor These Beasts are giving us a glimpse of what’s to come, but pace yourself; there’s only five songs to listen to right now. Initially when I began listening to Bone Marrow,’ I thought it had a southern sound intertwined with metal; an almost Down sound. Getting further through Salvor, something dawned on me; These Beasts sound like the ‘90’s band you love but wish was a little heavier. The thing is, they are heavier, and this is potentially the beginning of a ferocious band. Think of a really vicious version of the ‘90’s band Helmet. This sound gushes like a cut artery on ‘Sidge.’ It’s a crushing track implementing clean vocals, guttural screams, and chugging guitars.

If anything I just said piqued you interest then this is a band you have to hear. These Beasts are also regulars in the Chicago underground scene, so if you live locally try to check them out. They play at places like Reggies and Burlington, and this Wednesday, August 31, they will be playing at Quenchers.

Thanks Chris Roo. Keep up the good work!




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