Underground Spotlight: Sinaro

Written by Jamie Di Tommaso

Started as a solo project by vocalist and lead guitarist Gus Sinaro, New York Metal and Hard Rock crossover band, Sinaro, has been delivering heavy tunes that the band whole heartedly believes in.

After a “successful run” with prior band, Symphony of Malice, Gus Sinaro teamed up with what he calls a “tight quartet” consisting of Kris Girolamo on rhythm guitar, Jeff Hinz on bass, and Eric Williams on drums.

Inspiration for Sinaro’s music comes from far and wide, ranging anywhere from thrash to classic rock.

“If we had to name bands…Metallica, Iron Maiden, Testament, Trivium, Bullet For my Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin and the list goes on,” says Sinaro.

The band’s frotnman, Sinaro himself handles the lyrical content of his band’s music, which is inspired by “struggling with depression, drug abuse and overcoming life hardships.”

Sinaro knows that the music industry is sometimes a cruel world, but nothing has put the brakes on this band.

“It seems impossible sometimes to keep going and going and investing money in this without any current profits. But we do believe in this band and music is our passion,” Sinaro said, and even though they know that “there are millions of bands trying to do the same thing,” Sinaro stands out in their own way.

“Our music hits home for a lot of people as they can connect and relate to the lyrics and feel our energy as we play. We go out on stage and deliver a pulse pounding, hard- hitting performance that will stick with our fans as they can feel our passion and message we are trying to get across,” Sinaro says.

In early March of this year, the band put out their debut album ‘No Salvation’ and if everything else goes as planned, the band will be touring “late this fall” and plans on releasing “new music in the near future.”

Also be on the lookout for the band’s new music video for the song ‘The Sun Burns in Disbelief,’ which will be released this month.

Looking forward, Sinaro’s plan is to “expand our fan base and get a record deal, so we can advance our career to the next level.” That being said, 2017 could quite possibly be Sinaro’s year.



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