Underground Spotlight: The Russian Sleep Experiment

Written by Brett Kihlmire

The Russian Sleep Experiment is one of those infamous creepypasta’s lurking around the internet. As such, it was no wonder that a band named after the story caught my attention when I saw them mentioned on social media. Getting in touch with the band I received their newest single ‘The Adversary.’

Starting slowly with eerie synths that resemble the dripping of water and insects crawling, this track gets the atmosphere established quickly and builds on it with a slow fade in.  The groan of the guitar soon takes control leading into a heavy, chugging riff, powerful rhythms, and snarling growls. A breakdown leads to a wailing lead guitar before the song returns to the heavy stuff with full force. And just as my ears were greeted with the chugging riffs and pounding rhythms a second breakdown lead into an expectedly melodic section. It’s here that the lead guitar shreds out a quick solo as the vocalist carries on until things get heavy once more. This is where the flow gets a little choppy as synths, bass, and shreddy leads pop up here and there making the track chaotic, especially when tones shift unexpectedly, the rather quiet bass suddenly becomes more prominent, vocals echo in the background, and industrial-like synths take command and quickly relent.

I’ll be honest, this is my first time listening to The Russian Sleep Experiment, but this song is as trippy as it is awesome. In fact, this is one of those songs that will sink its hooks in and have you craving more.  I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more.



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