Review: Letters from the Fire – Worth the Pain


Written by Shannon Reardon

Hard rock band, Letters from the Fire, have returned to the scene with both a new singer, Alexa Kabazie, and a new album, ‘Worth the Pain.’ This 48 minute, kickass album is a breath of fresh air containing both fast-paced, heavy songs, as well as slower power ballads.

The album opens with ‘Perfect Life,’ a song about the struggles that come with the decision to follow the mould or to go against the grain and defy society’s expectation of what’s acceptable.

‘Give in to Me,’ the first single, and third song on the album, is about the lustful side to relationships. It tells the story of how people use the company of other’s as a means of feeling better, which is evident in the chorus, “I’ve got something you crave / I wanna save you / I’m coursing through your veins / Give in to me / I wanna take you / To let me slip away.”

The seventh song of the album, ‘Last December,’ is a song that people from all walks of life can relate to, whether it be from personal experience or through watching a friend or family member’s struggle: drug abuse.

Being a person who strongly values lyrical content, and also being raised by a single mother because my father chose addiction over his family, a particular verse hit me like a ton of bricks.

“A gifted mind / so full of potential / traded off for a pipe and a needle / you chose to forsake / the blood that runs through your veins / you took what we gave / and buried it all in your shame.”

The other single off of this upcoming album is “At War,” a song that perfectly embodies what it’s like to live with anxieties and depression.”A war, that in the lyrics, is put as having never been won, only survived.

I’ve listened this album close to a hundred times already (and that’s probably not an exaggeration), and I am already geared up to listen to it a hundred times more. I highly recommend you have your credit cards out and ready on Sept. 9. 10/10



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