Underground Spotlight – Demolition Hammer


Written by Matt Drummond

You may want to sit down for this because the reanimation is real metal fans. This may not be a band very many people are aware of, but I’m going to do my absolute best to change that right now. Prepare to have your faces melted by old-schoolers, Demolition Hammer, for the first time in over 20 years.

Forming in 1986, Demolition Hammer is an American thrash metal band who were summoned from Bronx, NY. The band released their first demo tape, ‘Skull Fracturing Nightmare,’ in 1988. Although only a demo, this offering promptly got the metal world worked up with anticipation. 1989 later saw the release of a second demo, and between the years of 1990-1994, listeners were abused by three punishing full length albums. It’s pretty unanimous, that 1992’s ‘Epidemic of Violence’ is Demolition Hammers stand out album. For people who are unfamiliar with Demolition Hammer, I would compare this album with Exodus’ ‘Fabulous Disaster.’

As I listened to Demolition Hammer I kept brainstorming on a way to describe them in a proper, and deserving way. I came across a quote that nails it, and for me to reword it would be a waste of everyone’s time. It’s in reference to the band’s 1991 tour, “Lightning fast songs with complex structure and shifting rhythms.” Nothing is truer than that statement.

Although this band’s been in hibernation since the mid ‘90’s, in March of this 2016 Demolition Hammer announced that they would be reenlisting in the heavy metal war machine. And though this announcement wasn’t accompanied with new material, we’re all granted the rare opportunity to see them play live is once again with vocalist/bassist Steve Reynolds, guitarists/backing vocalist James Reilly and Derek Sykes, and newcomer Angel Cotte on drums.

Let me put it to you like this. Demolition Hammers June concert in Brooklyn, NY sold out in under three minutes, so that’s saying something. As of right now the concert dates are scarce, but what’s most important is that Demolition Hammers emerged from the grave dug up and is walking the earth once again. At this time, only one show is slated to hit the Midwestern United States and that’s thanks to promoter Shane Merrill and Empire Productions. That show will take place at Reggies in Chicago on Saturday September 24th. If you can make the show then this isn’t one you want to miss, but the timid need not apply.


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