Feature: Sephiroth – Symphonic Metal from Argentina


Written by Tyler LaRiviere

When the name Sephiroth comes to mind most imagine the main antagonist of Square’s (now Square-Enix) famed RPG Final Fantasy VII, whom most know as the villain who drives his outlandishly long sword into one of the most memorable female characters in video games, Aeris.

Sephiroth is also the name of an Argentinian metal band that isn’t ashamed of its nerdy name according to founding member Nicolas Zamperoni.

“The name comes from a video game character of Final Fantasy. We are fans of the game and wanted to use it because we love the Sephiroth’s giant sword!  Maybe [it] is a nerdy name, but we love it.”

Sephiroth started in early 2008 with Sebastian Scala on keyboards, Gabriel Scala on Guitar, and Zamperoni on Drums. During this time the trio played covers of different bands and genes. Later that same year they then began to change after taking on their first singer, Vanina Pertaccia.

“[We] ended up playing many covers of Nightwish with our first singer [Vanina Pertaccia] who had more rock imprint in his voice,” said Zamperoni.

By May of 2009, the band was completed with the addition of Marcos Yurcic on bass guitar and Franco Schiavonne on rhythm guitar.

Like most bands, Sephiroth has seen its fair share of lineup changes starting with their current vocalist Vanina Sosa, who took the reigns after being selected by audition for having a “singularity voice”. Other changes included Franco Schiavone leaving in 2012 and Sebastian Scala leaving in 2015, both for personal reasons. After some time, Mauricio Gelardi and Andrés Peralta would come to replace Schiavone and Scala, respectfully. Recently it was revealed that founding member Gabriel Scala will be leaving for professional reasons, so auditions to find Scala’s replacement are underway according to Zamperoni.

Like the fictional character that inspired them, Sephiroth has a diverse and complex music style that makes it difficult to classify into one set genre.

“We can not confine our band in a single style of metal. Sometimes we have more progressive songs, some with symphonic arrangements; other with hints of classic hard rock or metal. We have many different influences and do not like to pigeonhole into a single style,” said Zamperoni, but when pressed Zamperoni mentions that they “do something similar to Nightwish.”

Like Nightwish, Sephiroth’s songs lyrically are very epic in tone being based on books or other forms popular culture as well as personal experiences that the band and its members have experienced personally.

Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish)and Nightwish were are huge inspirations to Sephiroth and in a weird sense can be cited as a reason the band got back together in 2014 after a split up in late 2013.

“It was a tough time, we never thought that this could happen, but in December of 2013 we decided to separate. Luckily in 2014 we were asked to play as a support band for Tarja Turunen. She is our inspiration, and we shared a show with her. It was a unique moment for us and maybe that show was the reason we kept rockin’.”

Though the band has been through worse, touring has had to take a pause due to Gabriel Scala leaving making him the third member of Sephiroth needing replacing in as little as a year. According to Zamperoni “we are focused on re-add the other guitar and able to rearm the band…in less than a year we changed three members and that has been a difficult situation to settle.”

Fortunately, there is a silver lining to all of this as Zamperoni hints what’s to come for 2017.

“We are recording our first EP with four songs and a video. We hope in January it’s finished. We are also making an Argentinean tour with other bands here [Argentina] from February to May, and trying to make our first South American tour that will include Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

A tour around not only their home country but their home continent, and a debut extended play on the way with a music video, 2017 just might be Sephiroth’s year.



For more information or to stay up to date with Sephiroth be sure to follow them on Facebook at @sephirothmetal and on Twitter at @SEPHIROTHBAND.


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