Review: Hellyeah – Unden!able

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Written Matt Drummond

The label of “supergroup” gets thrown around quite a bit these days. I guess to consider a band a supergroup depends on who’s analyzing it and their band preferences. For me, there’s two bands that are at the top of my list. The first is Killer Be Killed, and the second, is Hellyeah. One of the reasons I like Hellyeah so much is because after the murder of Dimebag Darrell it seemed unlikely that his brother, Vinnie Paul, would ever play in a major band again.

The idea for Hellyeah was initially brought up in 2000 by Mudvayne vocalist Chad Gray and former Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell. It took until 2006 for Hellyeah to actually become reality, but the wait proved to be worth it. Joining Gray and Maxwell was bassist Kyle Sanders, guitarist Christian Brady, and legendary drummer Vinnie Paul of Pantera. Once Hellyeah was actually able to unite and begin writing the music came pouring out. Their self-titled debut was done in one month and released on April 10, 2007. An interesting fact to this album is that it was recorded at Chasin Jason Studio, which is located in Dimebag’s backyard.

June 3, 2016 marked the release of Hellyeah’s fifth studio album Unden!able. This band is sewn together by seasoned, proven musicians, and the traditional metal foundations they embody are very strong. One thing that stands out to me about Hellyeah is it just seems like they’re having a lot of fun. Touching audiences with a sound mixture of groove metal and hardcore, this band scratches me right where I itch.

Listening to Unde!able, the vibe I get is pure party songs for the metal elite. This album will make you want to buy a keg, no matter how old you are. ‘Scratch the Lie’, is a beast, it’s a headbanger in every sense of the term. The traditional metal format commands this track. It’s polluted with heavy, neck breaking riffs, and elevating vocal hooks. The bulk of the album leans heavily on this approach, as it should. When you master something, then by all means bash some heads in with it, and that’s precisely what Hellyeah does.

While a solid album all around, the stand out track is ‘I Don’t Care Anymore,’ which is a Phil Collins cover for the youngsters reading this. Now do yourself a favor and stop what you’re thinking right now and let me elaborate. What makes this track extraordinarily bitchin’ is that Damageplan had actually recorded a version of it years ago, which never landed on an album. After messing around with the old recording, Dimebag’s guitar was extracted, and used on Hellyeah’s version. In a way it’s Dime’s last song making this the best track on the album for that reason alone.

After a decade of rocking the scene, Hellyeah still has that crushing groove style that appeals to a vast crowd, young and old. It’s a band I highly recommend and when you listen to them just be prepared to crack a beer and enjoy some fine groove metal. 7/10


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