Caducus: Melodic Alternative Metal with a Deathcore Flare


Written by Brett Kihlmire – Photo by Tyler Zoller

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Caducus is an American female fronted heavy metal band that skillfully blends approachable vocals and lyrics with a powerful metal edge and “a little deathcore flare” that is sure to rope in casual and dedicated metal heads alike.

With their original lineup brought together through mutual friends on Facebook, Caducus formed in late 2012. Taking inspiration from the likes of Tool, Slipknot, and Metallica, but even Heart, Michael Jackson, and Buddy Holly, Caducus was intent on making their brand of melodic metal something unique.

Though the band has gone through numerous drummers and bassists over the years, the band has had a solid lineup for about a year now. The current lineup includes Michala Bouska (vocals), Charles Stoess Jr. (guitar), Chuck Hendrik (drums), and Logan Crockett (bass).

“Keeping a solid bassist has definitely been our biggest challenge thus far. Also, being independently funded makes it difficult to tour, record, all of the things we need to do to further ourselves professionally,” says Bouska of the band’s struggles in its three years of existence.

Despite the frustrations of finances and lineup changes, the band has seen its share of accomplishments that have kept the band going and growing.

“We’ve accomplished a lot that we’re extremely happy about,” says Bouska. “We’ve got two albums out and have had an amazing response to those and to our video for Sanctuary of the new album Fallen. We’ve been able to tour a decent amount and play with so many other great bands. Mostly personal achievements thus far, but honestly that’s why we’re doing this.”

Two albums under their belt, one of which just came out in the summer of 2016, the band is riding the wave of their latest release, Fallen. As of this writing a new single is due out and the band is planning to tour very soon, but touring is likely to be limited due to the band’s independence of label support.

“We go out as often as we can. Again, we’re independently funded, so we don’t make money personally while we’re on the road, so we only take off as much work as we can get by with right now.”

As of this writing the band tends to stick around the area of Louisville, but often plays out around their region of the country. That being said, the band promises to anyone who can make a show that they’re in for a “high energy show with melodies and lyrics they can emotionally relate to. Also spankings, hugs, and stickers for everyone!” But fear not, for the band has hopes to tour more nationally and even internationally in 2017. As for what else the band has planned for 2017, Bouska simply says “you’ll have to wait and see.”



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