These Beasts – Heavy from the Windy City

13173366_1684770138452741_4995436378301606785_oWritten by Shannon Reardon – Painting/Photo by Alla Ya

Birthed in Chicago by members Chris Roo, Keith Anderson, and Todd Fabian, heavy metal outfit These Beasts arrived on the scene two years ago.

Roo, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, and Anderson, the band’s drummer, had plans for years to form a band for some time, but it wasn’t until bass player and vocalist, Fabien, moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Chicago that things finally came together.

“It was really welcoming,” Anderson said. “Chris and I had already been really good friends and now Todd and I are really good friends, so it worked out.”

Unity amongst band members, for These Beasts, is, along with their sound, an important precedent that they use.

“[When we’re on stage] we don’t wear uniforms or anything like that,” Anderson jokes. “But we’re pretty tight, and that’s one thing that we have to our advantage.”

The sound and style that These Beasts accomplish can, in their words, only be described as “Heavy.”

All members, having come from the 80’s and 90’s era, found that that is the sound they are striving for with elements of Nu Metal, old school, grunge, death metal, and stoner rock.

“I usually tell people heavy, but not necessarily heavy metal,” said Anderson. “I mean there are so many genres of metal, that if you just say metal you get all lumped together.”

With a new EP, Salvor, out, fans can now listen to and experience what exactly These Beasts’ version of “heavy” is.

Salvor is a little over 30 minutes with only five songs that each bring a different theme to the table.

’Paths’ was written about a man being shipwrecked Roo says. However, the song ‘40 Hours,’ has different meanings to each band member.

“Chris and Keith pretty much had that [’40 Hours’] already written before I even joined,” Fabian said. “And I thought, ‘Oh, “40 Hours,” that must be about a 40-hour work week.’ But that’s not what the song is about, at least not for Chris, that’s what it’s about for me.”

Roo, however, found that he prefers to leave an air of mystery within his writing.

“Sometimes I get a little ambiguous, you could say, with my lyrics,” said Roo. “But it usually works well with Todd’s stuff.”

As of this writing all members of These Beasts hold positions at day jobs making it hard for a lengthy tour, but there are plans in the works for smaller weekend tours.

“I think the goal, down the road, is to get out of town a little more,” Roo said. “We’d start out light, maybe do two or three-day weekend shows, and expand from there.”

Though they cannot tour extensively, the members of the band do not plan to let this be a hindrance.

While Salvor has only been out for two months, These Beasts are already planning to do some extensive song writing over the course of the winter season.


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