Live Review: Skindred at Rock Allegiance

Written by Shannon Reardon

Among the acts that took The Liberty Stage at Monster Energy’s Rock Allegiance in Chester, Pa., on Sept. 17, genre fluid band, Skindred, introduced festival goers to their form of rebellion.

“You see, it’s all rebel music,” said Benji Webbe, singer for Skindred. “Rock music is rebel music, dance hall music from Jamaica is rebel music too.”

The band does not play one particular style of music, rather they use a compilation of alternative metal, nu metal, and reggae music to form their sound.

Skindred made their appearance at Rock Allegiance while touring the United States promoting their latest album, Volume, which came out in Oct. 2015.

“We just realized that we wanted to come back to America,” said Webbe. “We have it good in Europe, and we believe the American public need a band like Skindred to watch.”

Given that there were only 12 hours per day of the festival, set lists for the bands were limited to 30 minutes, or roughly a five song set list.

Skindred started their set with their song ‘Under Pressure,’ the opening track for the latest album.

The band then jumped to the 2004 hit, ‘Pressure,’ off of the album, Babylon, the 2007 hit ‘Ratrace,’ from the Roots Rock Riot album, and then the title track ‘Kill The Power,’ off the band’s album released in 2014.

Skindred ended their set with ‘Nobody,’ another song off of the Babylon album, and a fan favorite. Both those at the stage, and those walking by were chanting: “Nobody gets out alive!” while throwing their devil horns in the sky and banging their heads in unison to the beat.

Similar in crowd participation, of the bands that were scheduled to play the Saturday lineup, bass player Daniel Pugsley said that he was most excited to see The Offspring perform.

“Whatever you say about the band The Offspring, if you see them live, they’re amazing,” said Pugsley. “Smash was the album I was really into, and [since then] they’re massive everywhere.”

Webbe agreed with Pugsey that, of the lineup, fans should see The Offspring, saying that it is always a good time and a sing along, even if you don’t think you know the words.

The recipe that both Pugsey and Webbe say that bands like The Offspring, and themselves, all follow is owning your craft and being true to who you are as a musician.

“Make sure you’re doing something you actually like,” said Pugsey. “Because there’s no guarantee you’re going to get anything from it. Why waste your life? Do something you actually like.”

Along with loving the career you choose, Webbe feels that it is also important to love the people who you are surrounding yourself with.

“I’m in a band with four musicians who I think individually are fucking brilliant,” said Webbe. “I’m honored to be on stage with them every night. So if I thought they were shit and I was carrying them, I wouldn’t bother. But I know I’m not carrying nobody, everybody is strong within their own rights, and that’s why I love it.”





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