Underground Spotlight: Alive/Alone


Written by Brett Kihlmire

As I drift closer to my thirties I find myself seeking out fresh music outside of my usual comfort zone. In this past year I’ve expanded into hardcore and punk to a point, but never Emo until I was contacted by Chicago’s Alive/Alone.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Why is a metal webzine writing about Emo music? Well, it’s because Underground Spotlight is meant to shine a light on underground bands with a hard rock or heavier edge, regardless of what genre they claim. That being said, just because its Emo doesn’t mean it’s automatically disqualified. In fact, if it has some heaviness to it, it’s fair game. So anyways, here are my thoughts on Alive/Alone’s ‘Victory Flower.’

Starting out with a catchy bass line, the melodic guitar quickly draws you in before singer, Ricky Bravo, enters with a sullen approach before rising up to a high style that makes up much of the song. And while the well-crafted riffs and drum beats really drive the song when the intensity picks up, the song really shines through its lyrics. Bravo’s performance and his words really pull me into the song and that’s really something, especially in an era where lyrics often take a backseat.

Overall, this is a really catchy tune. While most metal heads are going to pass on this one, those of us who can keep an open mind might actually enjoy this. Honestly, this is a band that’s going to resonate extremely well with fans of alternative and hard rock, but even as a metal head I have no shame in admitting that I really dig this tune.


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