Underground Spotlight: Winterborn

Untitled.pngWritten by Elliot John Doe


Winterborn are one of those bands that draws you in from the moment you see them live. They bring a rawness and encapsulate a feeling of nostalgic thrash with something new, something that makes you want to know, hear, and see more of what they do. Having recently released their debut ‘Purgatory’ they are just about to head out on a New Zealand national tour, which will be kicking off in the capital on the annual ‘March Of The Dirty Wizards NZ Tour’ at Wellington’s leading metal venue Valhalla with comrades-in-arms The Heathen Collective and Electric Goat.

Winterborn came out of Martinborough, New Zealand originally as a duo in the winter of 2014 with a minor line-up change and relocation to Wellington they quickly began to garner a name for themselves. Heavy thrashing riffs, punk-esque drumming and smart bass lines make for a powerful trio, top it all off with frontman Hunter Higginson’s demonic stage presence and commanding vocals seriously packs a punch live and on their latest recording. Rounding out the trio we have Dhanesh Parmar on bass providing clever intricacies that excite your ears, and Sarah Scanlan on drums bringing a raw tribal bludgeoning from behind the kit. Together they have become quite a force to be reckoned with in the Wellington underground metal scene.

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to their influences, which includes the likes of Death, Sepultura, Gojira, and Necrophagist, the band is reminiscent of early Slayer but with a great modern twist and combination of utilizing all their musical inspirations. Having clocked up over 24 hours of stage time in less than 2 years is quite a feat, not to mention them being one of the highlights at this year’s ‘Brutalitees Birthday Bash’ in New Plymouth, Winterborn are definitely on their way to nationwide domination, but where to next for the band, Australia?, Asia? Europe?. All I know is if they keep doing what they’re doing and heading the way they are, there will be no stopping these guys from taking over the World of Metal.


Check out their live performance below or head on over to their bandcamp profile to get a copy of ‘Purgatory’.






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