Windy City Headbangers Rejoice! Empire Productions Has a Big Surprise

774_logoWritten by Matt Drummond

Calling all Metalheads! Do you like sinning?  Do you like fast, aggressive music?  Do you think mainstream music is for pussies? Yes? Then come on down to Reggie’s in Chicago on Wednesday, October, 26 2016, and join the devils infantry because Satan has arrived!

Shane Merrill and Empire Productions have once again stacked a mind bending lineup for Chicago metalheads. With doors opening at 7pm, Chicago’s own Beast Warrior takes the stage first. Beast Warrior won’t be the only band representing the Windy City for this night of sin; going on second is another spawn from Chicago, Satan’s Hallow.

After Chicago has shown what it’s got it’ll be time to grab your passports and invite some big hitting out of towners to the stage. Canadian powerhouse, Cauldron, will show you that Canadians can do more than just play hockey. Cauldron’s one of those band’s who are helping to bring back traditional metal. And there’s the headliner:

Coming from as far away as Newcastle, England I don’t need to give out a band syllabus for these guys, it’s the one and only, Satan. These guys know what they’re doing and they’ve been doing it since 1979. In a simple description, I’d describe Satan as a technical/thrash metal extravaganza and I can’t wait!

Empire Productions has been giving metal fans crushing concerts since 1997 and shows like this is why they continue to be one of Chicago’s best. The venue, Reggie’s, is also one of the metal elite in Chicago. The atmosphere at Reggies is unrivaled for a metal show.

Feeling enticed? Then get down to Reggies at 2105 S State St, in Chicago, IL. This is going to be one hell of a show and there’s plenty more to come.


If you’re interested in playing live, please submit all booking/questions/demos/requests, to


Bands interested in an interview, live/demo/album reviews, feel free to submit your requests to Brett at


Check out Beast Warrior

Check out Satan’s Hollow


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