Review: Angel Nation – Do It Anyway

14022082_1091531927548878_8117494661190722284_n.jpgWritten by Shannon Reardon

British/Finnish melodic metal outfit, Angel Nation, recently released their Do It Anyway EP, featuring three songs, including the single and title-track ‘Do It Anyway.’

Angel Nation crossbreeds the sounds of hard rock and metal with Elina Siirala’s classical vocal training to create a sound that takes the listener to a world of fantasy.

This three song EP has a play time of roughly 12 minutes, which makes for both a quick but enjoyable listen that leaves you wanting more.

The first two songs, ‘Do It Anyway’ and ‘Devil’s Voice Inside,’ are studio recordings, but the last song, ‘Never Ending,’ is a recording of the band performing live. However, it is not apparent until the very end of the song when the band finishes performing and you can hear the crowd cheering and Siirala yells, “Thank you, how are you doing tonight?”

Most live performances tend to give away that they are just that, live, things happen on stage, the vocalist has had their voice corrected by producers in the studio, something. To not be able to tell the difference between the studio produced songs and the live recording demonstrate both the talent of both Siirala’s voice and the musicians that are playing, but also their cohesiveness as a unit.

As a person who when listening to metal music likes to hear the grit in a singer’s voice, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this EP. This combination of both metal and a classical trained voice paired greatly together, and I cannot wait to hear more. 10/10


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