Disgunt: Brutal Deathcore from the Midwest USA

13876430_492210950985971_7015827048615375442_n.jpgWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Formed as a side project in Madison, WI, Disgunt has become a permanent fixture in the southern Wisconsin scene and with good reason.  These guys bring an uncompromising style of metal to the stage and take no prisoners.

“The original idea was a couple of years ago, but we officially started putting music together and playing shows late last year, early this year,” says guitarist, Ian Smedbron.

Taking inspiration from bands like Black Tongue, Admiral Angry, Yellow Sign, and Impending Doom, the band has formulated a musical style Smedbron describes as “down tempo deathcore style stuff, I guess. It’s real sludgy with lots of beatdown riffs.”

Forming in late 2015 the band has quickly become a powerful force in their local scene, packing in almost 200 people at their first show, which was played at The Red Zone in Madison, Wisconsin. Since then the band says they no longer have to book shows themselves allowing for them to focus on their music and promotions.

A true testament to the band’s fast growing support was the chance to open for Psycroptic when the band passed through Madison on their latest tour. And while most opening acts are forgotten by the main act even before they take the stage, this wasn’t the case with Psycroptic.

“We even got a personal shout out from Psycroptic on stage. It was Jason Keyser from Origin filling in on vocals, so it was kind of cool to have one our heroes give us a little bit of credit,” says vocalist Trent Kremeier.

With just a demo currently available, Disgunt is working on their debut release which will be a concept album based around a serial killer hearing voices, which are represented through the lyrics.

“I’m trying to write it so where if you didn’t know the concept it’d still make sense, but on a different level,” says Kremeier, who is also the band’s lyricist. “Pretty much what we’re trying to achieve musically is just keep everything as intense as possible. There’s a very mechanical, almost nihilistic feel to everything. It’s not really monotone, but it’s constantly pushing instead of moving all over the place.”

The band will take on recording their debut album themselves over winter 2016/2017 and hope to have it released by spring, but hasn’t decided yet if they will be mixing the album themselves.

“We’re very DIY. As much as we can keep in-house, we’d like to,” says Smedbron. “Plus we’re all really picky on how things are sounding.”

While they write the new album the band will be playing shows around their home state with two Halloween weekend shows in Eau Claire and Rhinelander, as well as Trexgiving in Madison Nov. 19 at the Frequency.

Touching on their live show, Disgunt takes pride that “there’s no dead space” during their shows. To accomplish this they keep things moving with constant interaction and a click track. The band is also planning to improve their live show with a choreographed light show.

For 2017, the band plans to play more shows and finish their debut album along with a video to precede the album. Least to say, 2017 should be an explosive year for Disgunt.


Check out the band’s demo here



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