Review: Inhale – Ten Cones

a0641354197_16.jpgWritten by Elliot J. Doe


Inhale are a 5 piece Groove Djent Metal act out of Masterton, New Zealand. Being described as “heavier than your Mum” and citing their band interests as “drinking, smoking and general Chaos” you already get the feeling that these guys bring the heavy to the metal and honestly don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about them. Having embarked on a few nationwide tours and about to head out on the ‘Intrepid Psychosis’ tour with A Comfortable Way To Rot we take a look inside their latest release that is Ten Cones.

After a trippy swirling intro Inhale come smashing in with opening track ‘Just The One’ with heavy chugging guitars and double kick happy drums, adding in some shredding lead guitar and hellish high pitch screams that fill the chorus out perfectly. Following up with ‘Flies’ the band keep the groove coming, more down tuned guitars than you can shake a stick at, and some clever rhythm section pieces that leave the guitars and vocals to make some harsh impacts. Picking up the pace somewhat towards the end leaves little to be desired in this well rounded track.

Next up is ‘T2’ kicking off with some samples then crushing it with a ton load of heavy power chugging, laying over some atmospheric lead this short cover of the seminal classic Terminator movie series theme song is a winner. Wasting no time they come straight back in with ‘Inertia’, bearing hair swinging riffs, galloping drums and catchy vocals this hook laden track is oozing with groove; one I’m personally looking forward to witnessing live on their upcoming tour.

Smack bang in the middle of this collection there’s more twisted sampling going on with some chopping military style snare drum on the intro to this short lived track titled ‘Cordon Bleu.’ Still full to the brim with breakdown riffs and double kick pedals finishing off with some droning dissonant nu-metal-esque guitars and sandwiching it all out with a final sample, the only track on the album I wish had more in it, something more of a complete song would of kicked ass as opposed to an interim piece.

A sense of evil washes over you as the guitars harmonize in the start of ‘House Of Troy.’ Something dark is on the horizon with this track; the vocals are insane bringing highs, lows and some possessed background moaning to the table. A catchy riff and some well placed leads go a long way on this one.

‘(A)Gender’ enters your ear drums like a wrecking ball through a concrete building, drowning in groove with well placed vocals and guitar licks, plus some great off beat guitar harmonies and a droning outro, this track doesn’t stop giving from start to finish.

‘Meat Sweats’ gets down to business with a great drum fill then more chugging riffery, slipping in a death metal breakdown followed up by some bouncing Soulfly-like guitar and drum synchronicity – it’s a really great head banging track.

Rounding out this opus we have the title track ‘Inhale- Ten Cones.’ Doing what they do best Inhale come charging in at the last hurdle with choppy guitars and static droning leads, blasting through the barriers with double kick laden drums then taking the pace down a bit and chucking in the all encompassing samples, only to jolt you back into their onslaught of heaviness. Leaving us with a huge gap of band conversation then when you think it’s all over Inhale bring the noise with a Djent Groove Metal finish locked in with a rap and mixing it up when you least expect it!.

Summing up here we have some serious heaviness overflowing with grooves, hectic riffs and relentless drumming, apart from the seething vocals it puts me in mind of a heavier, chuggier ‘Fear Factory’ blending in samples and uncompromisingly resilient in their writing and delivery. Although it’s very apparent that they take influence from the likes of Sikth, Between The Buried and Me, Sepultura and Veil of Maya to name a few, it’s very clear that they are doing their own thing, the Kiwi way and not concerning themselves with what others may think. These fellas definitely get my vote! 7/10


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