Stellar Circuits: Genre Defying Metal from the American South

1930281_601018516722842_6363092523003472990_n.jpgWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Stellar Circuits takes a different approach to heavy music. Inspired by the music of their youth including Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots, the band’s individual members also bring influences from jazz and classic rock as well.

“We made this band to play stuff we want to play,” says vocalist Ben Beddick, who feels the band doesn’t fall into one definitive category.

“We always battled with what do we call ourselves. These days we just say we’re a rock band. It’s kind of hard to fold into the genres these days. There’s so many of them, you know?” says Beddick.  “It’s kind of hard for any band to narrow down their style.”

Taking their name from the works of Timothy Leary, Beddick says he incorporates the philosophy of the source material, Exo-Psychology, into his music to point.

“The concept really resonated with me,” says Beddick, who is the band’s lyricist.

Forming in early 2015, the band has built a strong following with the hard rock sound and Beddick’s passionate vocal style, amassing over 10,000 likes on Facebook despite none of the members being particularly interested in social media.

“The biggest challenge is trying to adapt in this digital age,” says Beddick, who recognizes the power of social media for a band. “Honestly, the digital marketplace is our main stomping ground.”

Using the digital age to their advantage, as well as the generosity of a friend and filmmaker, the band raised awareness of their music with a video for their track ‘Penny Dreadful.’  Given a dark vibe and Hollywood quality, the video was well-received and did well to raise awareness for the band’s self-titled debut EP.

Due to a major lack of venues in their area, Stellar Circuits had to rely heavily on their social media presence to get the band known, thus enabling them to hit the road. Obviously their strategy is working, for the band has been playing around their home state in cities such as Greensboro, Charlotte, and Releigh, but they have even gone as far as Richmond, Virginia. Given the strain that travelling to play can have the band is currently considering making the move to Los Angeles due to the prominence of that particular market.

With 2016 drawing to a close and calls for new material, Stellar Circuits is marching toward the end of the year with three main goals: recruit a second guitarist, decided on the move, and write the next album.

“Honestly, we want to put out a full length. That’s our goal.”

Unfortunately, due to finances, the next release will likely be an EP, but Beddick has high hopes that they’ll be able to stick to their goal and win some new fans.

“Honestly, any time we turn somebody new onto our music and it means something to them and they enjoy it, that’s a milestone to us.”



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