Underground Spotlight: God Dementia

13138732_839859966120689_6165629343647134314_nWritten by Matt Drummond

God Dementia isn’t the type of band you would’ve heard at your senior prom or at the Video Music Awards. They aren’t the type of guys who want to go to dinner and meet your parents either. What God Dementia is interested in doing is stabbing you in the neck and bleeding you dry.

The old school, straight laced, death metal sound is at the pinnacle for harsh, punishing music. When traditional death metal is done right, people lose teeth, and God Dementia is quickly becoming Chicago’s newest dentist.

With God Dementia’s members contributing to bands like Dead for Days, Fleshgrind, Withering Soul, Reign Inferno, and Jungle Rot, the capacity for perpetual annihilation has been reached. Originally forming in 2009 by guitarist Zack Smolenski, the potential for metal supremacy didn’t fully sink in until 2014. Joining Smolenski, was drummer Rick Hernandez, singer Cody Zupan, and bassist Jimmy ‘El Diablo Rojo’ Genenz. This lineup was ideal for a traditional death metal band, and it also consisted of large amounts of malice. With the recent addition of guitarist Johnny Dove, the horrific scenario got even scarier and God Dementia was complete.

2015 initiated God Dementia’s extermination order with their inaugural donation to death metal, Consuming the Delusional. This record is probably exactly what you’re thinking; it’s a complete disembowelment of pop culture. Consuming the Delusional is stitched together by ten mortifying tracks; each one playing a part in the sacrifice of your soul.

An ominous 15 second intro starts the album off and with no warning or delay God Dementia engages their guillotine of pain and unleashes ‘Dominance’. This opening track acts as a perfect guide to the heaviness that is manifesting on ‘Consuming the Delusional’. All ten offerings on this album will asphyxiate listeners with brute force, but a few tracks stuck out to me. Track 5, ‘Plutonomy’ is a speedball of intensity. With a run time of 2:20, ‘Plutonomy’ is a concise, direct, and very impressive track.

‘Intentional Downfall’, which is track 6, rips up and down with transitions from an accelerated pace to devastating blast beats. Listening to those tracks will help you comprehend the caliber of band that God Dementia is and the style of metal that they have mastered.

Now when it comes to this last track that I want to mention; this is one that sent a shiver up my spine. As I mentioned earlier, God Dementia is fused together by experienced musicians. Although the classic death metal sound can be heard clearly throughout the album, on track 8, ‘Need,’ this sound comes spewing out in a geyser of brutality. The extensive talent of these guys gets put on full display here. A low tuned, chugging intro welcomes ‘Need’. With squealing harmonics timed perfectly and an invasion of double bass, ‘Need’ is an instant classic. If you don’t find yourself banging your head when this track starts, you either don’t like or don’t understand death metal. Least to say, God Dementia is pure death metal. End of the discussion.




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