Dishonored: Heavy Beat Down Metal from Wisconsin

14718809_1780852395511513_3181507828933626944_nWritten by Shannon Reardon

“We keep putting out good music for people that we like and we’re hoping other people love it, because we wanna play more shows,” said Guillermo Sanchez, vocalists and drummer for heavy metal band Dishonored. “We wanna get our music out there, we just love it – we just love being on stage.”

Dishonored from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is a band that self-labels themselves as heavy though they do not believe that they are deserving of just one label, because they just play the music that they want to play. For that reason, the band has continuously been labeled by fans as beat down styled music.

“One of the biggest things is I try to jump in the pits whenever I get a chance, to get people moving,” said the band’s lead vocalist, John Sommer. “Y’know, we want everybody to have fun anyway possible, I don’t care if there’s hardcore dancing, moshes, whatever you wanna do. I don’t care. I come down and try to push it all out and these guys are up there loving it and are on top of it. They get to push everybody forward with their music and we can pump people up, which is great because we pretty much get to assault them from every level.”

Sommer, as well as the rest of the members of Dishonored, is known for demanding an increase in crowd participation, which is why he jumps off stages and into the mosh pits.

“John is awesome and crazy so when he’s not doing vocals he’s out in the pit while we’re playing,” said Forrest Noel, the band’s lead guitarist. “So we’re all just trying to make sure that one is always trying to interact and doing to the audience when we play.”

One member of Dishonored knows both sides to this band is fan and turned bassist, Mark Dietrich.

“Being new and coming from a spot where I was watching these guys at one point and then coming into it right away, I have definitely seen from the background that people, once it comes on the energy just starts releasing,” said Dietrich. “And people just start moving once it comes on. And the first time we played on stage with me on there, I just couldn’t believe out in crowd how many people [we] just drew in as we started playing. Like I had no idea that that many people were just gunna start moving around and hopping into each other.”

Though Dietrich is the newest member of the band, Dishonored has seen its fair changes in lineup, having gone through six vocalists in the two years that the band has been together. However, they say they remain on good terms with past members and only parted ways due to creative difference. Which is important to maintaining a positive mental attitude, something the band strives for and the title of their EP, “PMA,” as well as an album that is in the worlks, “PMA For a Better Tomorrow.”

“[The album] will have a more positive [vibe] for everyone, instead of being as heavy as we can, and doing whatever we wanna do,” said Noel. “It will more have any meaning in the lyrics, and try to send a good message instead of being so negative all the time.”

Fans can expect the album in the Spring of 2017 as well as a video for their single, “Forever Alone.”

Once both “PMA For a Better Tomorrow” and “Forever Alone” get released, Dishonored plan on touring and continuously playing shows.

The band has one request for the shows though – have fun and get involved.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re hardcore dancing, don’t matter if you’re thrashing, don’t matter if it’s a circle pit – we want it all, we just want everyone involved,” said Sommer. “We don’t want segregation at all, cuz I’ve seen it a lot in metal shows. A lot of people get pissed off because this person is doing that, that guy is drunk as fuck … Who cares? It’s bullshit. We all should be bonding together, we’re all playing heavy music. That’s what it’s all about.”


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