Underground Spotlight: Starchitect

14079850_1254023274615865_345598990215069647_n.jpgWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Prog metal bands are the wizards of the heavy metal world. They’re strange but equally fascinating; they can blow your mind while showing you a whole new world of power and majesty. One such band is Ukraine’s Starchitect and the track is ‘Nuovo III.’

Starting with a slow fade in with some intoxicating guitars, the track draws you in ever so slowly. The drums soon enter and show signs of reserved aggression. I’m waiting for a metal explosion, but the song continues on with its hypnotic riffing before changing things up a little bit with distorted guitars and some fresh notes from the lead guitar. There’s a nice chugging style from the rhythm guitar and bass while the drums, dominated by cymbals, keep the pace and the lead guitar wails away. That explosion suddenly comes with a thunderous section before dropping into a good pace driven by speedy drums, gnarly rhythms, and some catchy lead guitar. Just when I think I have this song figured out, however, it completely morphs into funky sections dominated by quick licks and reserved drumming before getting heavy once more. At this point we’re only halfway through!

The second half of the song continues the constant evolution of the track presenting us with everything from fast and heavy to light and fluffy, and even shreddy. This track is something to behold and that’s no joke. To craft a song this diverse without losing the listener takes some serious skill and Starchitect certainly has it with this track. That being said, I highly recommend it and will be checking out their other work available



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