News: Lords of the Trident Needs You on Drums!



Press release courtesy of Lords of the Trident:

It’s our sad duty to announce our drummer, Dr. Vitus, will be leaving the band in January 2017 to pursue an advanced degree in medical corpse re-invigoration.

We are seeking a new drummer to join our ranks! Do YOU have what it takes?

WHO WE ARE: Lords of the Trident is an over-the-top 80s heavy metal/power metal band out of Madison, WI. We create a huge stage show with costumes, props, pyro, etc. while focusing on writing intricate, catchy, and awesome metal songs. Our style is a mix of classic metal (Maiden, Priest, Dio, Savatage, Dokken) with modern metal influences. We are signed in Europe by Killer Metal records, and have wide-scale European and US distribution. We have 3 full albums and 3 EPs under our belts at the moment, as well as a large repertoire of covers. On average, we play 1-4 times a month in various locations around the US.

View our YouTube channel for more info:

Do YOU have the ability to create thunderous, heart-stopping beats? Then you might be a good candidate to step into the sweat-drenched shoes of the good Doctor!

We are looking for someone:

* Living in or near the Madison, WI area
* Must be 21 – 40 years old (Ideally 25 – 36)
* Strong drumming skills needed – must be able to do double-kick beats
* Loves classic & modern metal
* Has own gear, transportation, and phone
* Interested and available for touring, including very likely overseas (Europe and/or Japan) touring
* Available one night a week for practice
* In general, has weekend (Friday/Saturday) availability for shows (we will always give advanced notice)
* In general, able to check email once a day
* Comfortable with wearing a costume on stage, playing in front of large crowds, and creating a persona
* Able to learn songs quickly
* Able to take criticism and/or feedback
* Planning on staying in the Madison area
* Able to keep commitments and responsibilities

Other ideal characteristics (not necessary, but nice-to-have):

* Experience with recording techniques a plus
* Previous band experience a plus
* Comfortable with sizing down equipment setup for ease of travel
* Strong songwriting skills a plus

If you are interested, please send an email to:

And give us some information about you (years played, any previous bands, why you’re interested, etc.).

NOTE: Dr. Vitus leaving the band is 100% amicable. There is no bad blood between us and him – he is just pursuing a life goal that, time-wise, does not work well with his band duties. We wish Dr. Vitus the best of luck in any and all future endeavors.



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