News: H1Z1 Launches Indigogo Campaign for their New Album


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Originally known as H1N1, a name change has morphed the band into H1Z1 just as they’re preparing to release their debut full length album. To support the album the band launched an Indiegogo campaign in late October 2016 to raise funds for the band.

Just a few days old, the campaign hasn’t yielded much cash, especially due to the band launching their campaign right around the massive ddos attack on numerous websites in defense of WikiLeaks. Regardless, the band has quite the following in their home city of Milwaukee. As such, they have a good feeling fans will step up, especially with the enticing rewards offered in the tiered donation system.

“You buy the record at ten dollars and you get the download. That’s the main thing we’re focused on,” says guitarist Patrick Gunderson.

With the minimum donation set at just $10, which secures a physical AND digital copy of the album upon release, the band also has a couple other perks that add onto the album reward with each higher donation tier.

“We’re offering a bunch of different things…posters, booklet mentions in the actual album booklet,” says guitarist Justin Mack while Gunderson mentioned shirts and other goodies may be added.

Doing well to do things mostly independently the band doesn’t have the lofty finance goal of some bands. Of course, $3,000 may seem high, but considering some bands can pay upwards of $15,000 for an album of equal length, H1Z1 has a good shot at reaching their goal. As for their recording approach, the band will be working again with Bobby Peru Recording in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they recorded their previous tracks.

For the new album the band will be bring back two previously released tracks and are using it as a template for their sound. For those unfamiliar with H1Z1’s style Gunderson explained it as a mix of death, groove and thrash with a tinge of black metal for good measure.

“It’s not for everybody,” says drummer Juan Rojo with a laugh.

As of this writing H1Z1 is taking a break from shows to focus on recording and to search for a new bassist due to their current bassist, Armando Saenz, deciding to part ways with the band upon the completion of the album. When the band returns, however, they’ll be ready to tear down the house like they’ve become known to do. In the meantime, here’s a little taste of what’s to come from this Midwest metal heads and be sure to support the band’s campaign HERE



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