Deep Sun: Swiss Symphonic Metal on the Rise

3540416962_photo-1Written by Brett Kihlmire

Formed in Olten, Solothurn, Switzerland in 2006, Deep Sun began as a two man jam band. As time went on, however, more musicians were brought into the fold to form a complete band. For the next five years the band struggled to keep a steady lineup, but 2011 saw the band begin playing live shows on a regular basis.

Playing symphonic metal, Deep Sun is often compared to genre juggernaut Nightwish, but the band is also greatly inspired by melodic power metal bands and ‘80’s rock and metal, as well as classical music and film scores. All of this comes together to give the bands a big, epic sound.

In the ten years since forming, the band has had its fair share of setbacks and frustrations but guitarist Pascal Töngi says they’ve always managed to keep things together.

“As a result, today the band is a strong group of people, like a family,” says Töngi.

Keeping their heads high and their eyes on their goals, Deep Sun has worked hard to get to keep things solid and moving forward. Thus far they’ve released an EP, Flight of the Phoenix, in 2014, and a full length, Race Against Time, in the fall of 2016. The latter of which contains a couple of older songs as well a new ones, many of which revolved around the theme of time. Of course, Töngi says the lyrics aren’t completely dependent on a single theme or concept.

“Quite anything. Personal experience and feelings as well as classic storytelling. Usually, the lyrics are written when the music and melody lines are basically set. So, often times, Debora creates the lyrical themes upon the impression that the particular composition makes on her,” he explains.

With the album out the band has had the pleasure of playing some “pretty big stages in Switzerland with well-known bands.” As such, the band has been playing their native Switzerland quite regularly and “that won’t change any time soon.”

“For next year, it is planned to do a few shows abroad for the first time and hopefully there will be opportunities to play some festivals as well. Extensive touring is not on the map, however,” explains Töngi.

Describing Deep Sun’s show as “A very uplifting experience, as the passion displayed on stage can be felt by the audience,” Deep Sun has been wowing crowds in mainly the German parts of Switzerland with much success. For 2017, however, they plan to truly expand out into other parts of the country.

Since the band is not likely to leave their native Europe for the foreseeable future, fans will have to make do with the band’s audio and video releases for now. Fortunately, Töngi says the band may be working on a new video soon, but no plans exist yet for a true professional video.

For the remainder of 2016 and the entirety of 2017, Deep Sun has strong plan of attack. They hope to book as many shows as possible, building their brand and reaching new heights without the support of a record label. And though it’s a tough road ahead, Deep Sun is prepared to do what it takes to make it in this ever changing music industry.


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