Remembering Dennis ‘D-Rock’ Sierociuk: The Benefit Show at Reggies in Chicago 11/26/2016

15086847_1881557178732666_831787421_n-1Written by Matt Drummond

On August 12, 2016, the metal brotherhood was delivered a crushing blow with news of a fallen brother. Regardless of whether or not you knew Dennis personally, everyone who loves metal lost a brother that day.

Dennis ‘D-Rock’ Sierociuk was as metal as they come. He started applying for the heavy metal all-star team with his first breath and he stayed true until his last. On November 26th, we will all gather at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago to raise our horns together and salute this brother one last time.

As previously stated Reggies Rock Club will be playing the role of host for this show, but for the music they did ask a few friends to assemble and mount a heavy metal assault. When it comes to the bands Chicago is everyone’s home turf. The lineup will consists of six bands with an array of different styles. Firer will bring a classic Midwest metal sound, Let ‘Em Hang will change gears with a punk rock vibe, John Tudela will undertake the stage alone with his one man band, and One Steel Wound, will mix it up with a variety of influences.

The other two bands both have a unique connection to D-Rock. Hardcore band, Arcadia, is home to ‘A-Tone’, the main power source for this show as well as an old band mate of ‘D-Rock’s’ first band, Unveiling Chaos.

Rounding out the lineup is the last band D-Rock was involved with – none other than the metalcore violence machine that we know as Caldera.

With recording beginning for Caldera’s inaugural album, tragedy struck, and ‘D-Rock’ would pass just a week prior to recording the vocals. Both of these bands will be dragging in some heavy hearts, but they’ll also be unloading the wrath of their 340lb friend and metal warrior.

I don’t feel the need to ask any of you to come to this particular show since everyone should want to be there. All of us in the Windy City and beyond are part of the metal brotherhood. This show will give us the opportunity to unite, show our loyalty, and throw down.

Doors will open at 6:30 and all proceeds will benefit the family of Dennis Siepociuk. Losing a guy with such a big heart has proven to be a hard task, but on November 26th, ‘D-Rock’ will rise again through our collective spirit. So I leave you with a quote by D-Rock himself:

“My name’s D-Rock and I like to party.”


Special thanks to Jeff Ziolo for helping me get a better understanding for the underground legend that is D-Rock.


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