Review: Morbosatan – The Last Sacrifice


Written by The Black Metal Bitch

When the average person thinks about South America, a few things come to mind. Some would think about majestic, exotic places like Rio, the beautiful mountain ranges in Argentina, or the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador; some would talk about Brazilian festivals, the Amazon River or the magnificent view of the entire Milky Way Galaxy over Lake Titicaca in Peru. When I think about South America I think about metal.

Since the dawn of underground metal, South America has given us bands like Sepultura, Necrosis and Angra. Euronymous, the infamous and now deceased founder of Norwegian Black Metal act Mayhem was directly influenced from Brazil’s Sarcofago not only for their blasphemous and extremely Satanic sound but the use of corpse paint, bullet belts and spiked gauntlets all of which have become staples of the traditional Black Metal image.

Inquisition, one of the USBM scene’s biggest names came to be in a little part of the world known as Colombia. Since the mid ‘80’s South America has been pumping out some of the heaviest metal the world has ever seen; thousands of bands all determined to create the darkest, most violent and brutal music the world has ever had the pleasure (or displeasure, depending on your tastes) of hearing and collectively, they’re succeeding.

Today I will be covering one such band, a three piece outfit that calls Lima, Peru home and goes by the name Morbosatan (a name I can’t help but find more than a little cliche). Formed in 2013 these guys have pumped out a couple of demos and two extended presses including “The Last Sacrifice” which is their latest contribution to the underground and the release I will be tearing into.

The three track disc begins with ‘Satanic Kommando’ after the obligatory creepy intro which in this case is Spanish prayer, children crying and either an intense orgasm or feverish, pained moaning. The track is an abrasive, nonstop five minute frenzy of mediocre guitar riffs, over the top growling/regurgitation noises and spastic drumming. There are some redeeming parts of the track that have me banging my head: the chorus has some punch in it, there’s a solo towards the end of the song that’s not wildly impressive but far from horrible and for a minute the band seems to be perfectly in sync. For the most part, however, it’s sloppy in execution and a tad generic.

‘La Bestia Apocaliptica’ (or what my horrible Spanish can conclude is “Beast of the Apocalypse”) is more of the same. It’s wild, frantic thrash riffs with demonic growling while Tonyn (ex-Anal Vomit) attacks the drum kit. There’s a ton of energy in the music, which I enjoy, and it’s ferocious and relentless. It’s evil and raw and there are times when everything comes together, especially on this particular song; the riffs are simplistic yet effective. Rick Retrobestia does well enough at keeping pace on bass while ruining his vocal chords as machine gun snare drumming and a barrage of double bass will have Black/Death militants happily punching one another in the pits.

Rounding out the three song EP is the title track ‘Last Sacrifice’ and on this one the band slowed things down a bit, but it’s by no means a slow song. It honestly has a very hardcore punk feel to it (think Sepultura’s ‘Troops of Doom’ but with death metal vocals and a lot of tom drums). About midway through Morbosatan kick into gear and guitarist Bernie Maleficarum explodes with some very thrash friendly guitar playing as the band grinds out the final two minutes of the song with a heavy breakdown, a mini guitar solo and some churning bass lines. ‘Sacrifice’ seems to be the most technical track of the recording and my favorite.

Morbosatan and The Last Sacrifice will be a hit with the hardcore black metal fans, especially the guys and girls who demand the most blasphemous, face shredding metal. In my humble opinion Last Sacrifice is a raw, high energy recording but when critiquing an album I tend to look at multiple variables and unfortunately, they fall short in most. I wasn’t impressed with the craftsmanship, as I felt it was sloppy; the riffs weren’t anything spectacular, the vocals were run of the mill and the production was below average. I would love to see these guys tighten up and invest in some better equipment or work with a studio that knows what they’re doing, but I have a feeling these guys are happy with their brand. And let’s be honest, they set out to make some evil shit and they accomplished that, but it certainly could be better. I give Morbosatan’s The Last Sacrifice a 6/10.


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