Live Review: Serious Black, Sinbreed, Hammerschmitt

Written by Rainer Kerber

Location: MarX (in the Markthalle), Hamburg, Germany

Date: September 29th, 2016

Twice I was able to see Serious Black previously as a concert-opener (Hammerfall 2015 and Kamelot 2015). Now they came as a headliner to Hamburg with their Mirror World Tour. With them on the Tour were Sinbreed and Hammerschmitt. So there was reason enough to go out to Hamburg on this gloomy autumn day.

On time at eight P.M. Hammerschmitt from the Bavarian capital Munich started. One could almost speak of a family band, singer Ben and guitar player Gernot are brothers and coincidentally the nephews of drummer Stefan. The latest album Still on Fire, from which came all songs on the set list, was published about a month ago, and it’s just really great hard rock. Many Serious Black fans were a bit sceptical before the concert, but already with the first sounds their asses were kicked. Hammerschmitt was just the right opener for the evening.

Setlist Hammerschmitt

  • Still On Fire
  • Rock Steady
  • Meanstreak
  • One Helluva Night
  • Sanctuary
  • Shout
  • Metalheadz

After a pleasantly short break, the venue speakers sounded the intro for the performance of Sinbreed. First disappointment took hold because neither singer Herbie Langhans or drummer Frederik Ehmke came on stage. Instead Nick Holleman (vocals) and Kevin van den Heiligenberg (Drums) gave their best. The musicians provided their mix of power and speed metal for a great atmosphere in the well-stocked but not sold MarX. Of the eight tracks played, three came from their latest album Master Creator.

Setlist Sinbreed

  • Bleed Call
  • To Arms
  • Moonlit Night
  • When Worlds Collide
  • Master Creator
  • On The Run
  • Newborn Tomorrow
  • Book Of Life

Then, of course, all waited for the headliner Serious Black. But first came bass player Mario Lorchert to engage the fans in the audience with small talk. Ten to ten the wait then came to an end, and after the intro Serious Black started with ‘Breaking The Surface’ from the latest album Mirror World. The set list was then a mixture of the two previous albums. The musicians were well attuned to each other and had a lot of fun on stage, and they transferred it of course also on their fans. Quite a clear message came through in this performance – this is not just a studio project with renowned musicians. There is a complete band on stage, from which one can still expect a lot in the future with even more excellent guitar parts, driving drums and pumping bass, but above all the exceptional voice of Urban Breed. Amazing as well was the drum solo by Alex Holzwarth. Of course, the band had to give an encore.

Setlist Serious Black

  • Intro – Breaking The Surface
  • Older And Wiser
  • Castor Skies
  • Setting Fire To The Earth
  • Heartbroken Soul
  • I Seek No Other Life
  • Dying Hearts
  • Sealing My Fate
  • State Of My Despair
  • Mirrorworld
  • Trail Of Murder
  • This Machine Is Broken
  • Drum Solo
  • The Life That You Want
  • As Long As I’m Alive



  • Intro – Temple Of The Sun
  • Akhenaton
  • High And Low
  • Outro (As Daylight Breaks)

Forty-five minutes before midnight, the show was over after three hours of outstanding power metal. Completely sweaty but satisfied the 150-200 fans left the venue likely thinking the same thing, “until next time!”


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