Live Review: Beige Annual Closing Show 2016

Written by Rainer Kerber

Location: ‘Marias Ballroom’ Harburg Club – Hamburg, Germany
Date: November 19th 2016

It is a beautiful tradition. The small band Beige from Norderstedt invited their fans to the Harburg Club “Marias Ballroom” for the annual closing concert at the end of an extended tour through Germany. This time, however, there was also a trip to Vienna, Austria and Beige had good reason – it was the band’s nine year anniversary and 100th concert. And because celebrating with friends is more fun, they had invited Nine-T-Nine from Hamburg as a boost.

Nine-T-Nine started punctually at 9:00 pm with their nearly one hour set. Since 1999, the band has consistently played melodic hard rock in the style of Survivor, Foreigner or Journey. A lot of the songs of the evening came from the 2009 album Keep the Flame Alive, but even cover versions of their big idols were on the program including ‘Bad Case of Loving You’ by Robert Palmer and ‘Jump’ by Van Halen. That was a great moment of AOR and melodic rock!

Setlist Nine-T-Nine:

  • Still The Line
  • Caught In A Trap
  • Giv It Up (Heart Overload)
  • Here I Come Again
  • Sandy
  • The Way You Touched Me
  • Can’t Buy Love
  • Just When I Met you
  • Bad Case Of Loving You
  • Midnight


  • Jump
  • Take Me Away

After a short break, the hosts of the evening hit the stage. Due to the most intimate desire of a fan a semi-acoustic version of ‘Beige City’ included in the set list as an intro. Beige then played a “best of” of their four previous albums, but the focus was clearly on the current album Tripf Tropf Nass. Highlights for me were ‘Das FRollein,’ ‘Das Fenster’ and ‘Kompliziert.’ At ‘Laut’ guitarist Motte picked up the last remaining air guitar and animated a fan into playing together. The evening ended after an encore shortly after midnight. The fans in the well-stocked Ballroom went home satisfied, the musicians themselves were totally flashed by the enthusiasm of their fans, who had sung the songs with them.

Setlist Beige:

  • Intro – beige City
  • An so einem Tag
  • Das FRollein
  • Königreich des Nichts
  • Frei
  • Das Fenster
  • Hauptgewinn
  • Manchmal
  • Schaufenstermann
  • Meine Tränen
  • Sieh mich an
  • Laut
  • Fan
  • Kompliziert
  • Mein Herz
  • Die Schönste
  • Dein Kleid


  • Prinzessin
  • Sandmann

Beige is the band that I experienced the most live, and I must say it never gets boring. The musicians were already on the stage 100 times and yet it has not become a routine matter for them. At each show, Beige again succeeds in captivating their fans with their music and stage show. Least to say, the sound in Marias Ballroom was, like always, excellent. On that account, Heimo and his team deserve a big thank you.



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