Underground Spotlight: Deep Sun’s ‘The Believer’

Written by Kelly Schroeder

Tracing their roots all the way back to 2006, Deep Sun is a determined Swiss band with a signature sound.  After releasing a 6 song EP in late 2013, they have recently released a full-length album entitled ‘Race Against Time’, giving us the tight symphonic metal single ‘The Believer,’ and making it well worth the wait.  The driving energy of the rhythm section remains steady throughout the entire song with Angelo Salerno’s tough, straightforward bass line setting the pace with Tobias Brutschi’s drums.   Twin guitars from Eros Di Prisco and Pascal Töngi give the song an anticipatory heavy punch and then immediately draw back, setting the stage for classically trained soprano, Debora Lavagnolo.  Her clear, bright operatic style flows beautifully over the music.  There are sporadic glimpses of a toughness and power that suggest she may very well surprise her audience with a bit of vocal diversity.

And what symphonic band would be complete without a talented keyboard player? Despite not being the typical predominant sound of the song, as with many songs in this style, Tom Hiebaum fills the role with an even divide between intricate fills and orchestral backdrop.  As demonstrated by sharing the solo with the keys, the guitars on this track present a refreshing balance with the rest of the band.  They provide not only a precise compliment to each other, but with the other members as well, always on top of their job, but never overshadowing the other elements.

Overall, while ‘The Believer’ is definitely your standard female fronted symphonic metal type of song, Deep Sun kicks this tune out with the natural delivery of a band that has taken its time to cultivate their sound properly.  I thoroughly enjoyed this track and look forward to exploring the rest of the album.




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