Review: Veonity – Into the Void

MVD9709A.jpgWritten by David Kerber

If you think of Sweden in connection with Power Metal, Hammerfall or Sabaton will come into mind at once. But of course this is only the tip of the iceberg, because there are still many smaller bands like Veonity, who have released their second album, Into The Void, to the metal community.

Without a superfluous intro they immediately start to rock. Double bass, rolling bass lines and strumming guitars dominate the opener as well as the rest of the album. There are typically earworm refrains, partly polyphonic, and of course lots of solos and keyboards. But luckily the cliché factor in the lyrics is not quite as high as with other genre colleagues.

A bit annoying, however, are the attempts of the singer/guitarist Anders Sköld to press high-pitched screams out of himself as he should leave the singing to his somewhat deeper voice, instead of wanting to produce high notes. But apart from that the singing is quite good, not outstanding but at a certain level. You can see that he is not a trained singer. His three comrades do their job very well and there are also one or two songs that can go through as hits – ‘A New dimension,’ and ‘Warriors of time,’, the latter of which strongly recalls of Majesty in the refrain. That all being said, the album is not very varied, except for a short interlude; all the songs are in the up-tempo range, but the abundance of good riffs makes up for it.

So if you want to have Power-Metal of the classical (European) imprint, you should have access to it. Even though it probably can‘t be counted as one of the strongest albums of the genre. Nevertheless, Into The Void has its moments, even if the spark does not want to skip on all songs. 6.5/10



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