News: Iced Earth Set to Unleash the New Album ‘Incorruptible’ in May 2017



Band leader, mastermind, and rhythm guitarist, John Schaffer, recently sat down with Metal Wani’s Fernando Bonenfant on the band’s tour bus. During the interview he answered a couple of choice questions that have fans cheering and salivating – the new album will be called ‘Incorruptible’ and not ‘The Judas Goat,’ and the album will hit the market in May 2017.

So far, Iced Earth haven’t officially released any of the new songs from the highly anticipated album, but they have played them live. Thanks to a pair of fans we have our first tastes of the next album in the form of live performances of ‘The Great Heathen Army’ and ‘Incorruptible.’

For more information and as a show of respect to our friends over at Metal Wani, the video interview between Jon Schaffer and Fernando Bonefant can be found below along with the live videos.





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