Underground Spotlight: Code Orange – The Future of Metal and Its Hellchild


Written by Matt Drummond

The United States Government labels threats by using a series of color codes. I’m not sure what color represents the highest threat level, but I’m positive that Code Orange clearly represents the highest level of potential bloodshed.

That code emerged as the universal code for pain in 2008 when some kids from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania decided to expel their horror on the earth. Code Orange isn’t just another cookie cutter metal band following in anyone’s footsteps – they are the blazing a trail of destruction as the future of metal and the future is now.

Initially harboring a heavy punk sound, Code Orange has revolutionized themselves into every parent’s worst nightmare and every metalhead’s dream come true. Originally using the band name, Code Orange Kids, this Pittsburgh four piece has been on a complete rampage from the start.

2012 saw Code Orange Kids first studio release, with their album, Love is Love/Return to Dust. With tracks like ‘Flowermouth (The Leech),’ the brutal direction of the band was almost terrifying. Even scarier, was the extraordinarily young age of the members. ‘Love is Love/Return to Dust’ is your average metal bands stand out album, but for this band, it was only their warm-up.

In 2014, Code Orange Kids cut out the Kids and also began cutting the arteries of skeptics. Committing to the obscene and ungodly, Code Orange released the beastly album, I Am King. It’s hard for me categorize Code Orange to a specific genre of metal, because none of them do the band justice. Code Orange is quite simply Code Orange and all i can say is that they’re rough. When you put on ‘I Am King’ you won’t listen to it alone, because your neighbors are gonna hear it too. It’s impossible not to turn it up and I mean way up. Tracks like ‘My World,’ ‘I Am King’ and ‘Slowburn’ are not tracks you can listen to at a reasonable volume. It’s an “as loud as it goes” scenario and that’s the only way to do it.

2017 will be the year Code Orange releases their first album under Roadrunner and it promises to showcase the band’s growth. Releasing the first single ‘Forever’ only backs up that claim. ‘Forever’ is an absolutely bone-crushing track and it’s leaving metalheads on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

Eric Balderose (guitar/vocals), Reba Meyers (vocals/guitar), Jami Morgan (drums/vocals), and Joe Goldman (bass) will more likely than not become household names in metal with this album, so to capitalize on this Chicago’s own Empire Productions has given us all a chance to witness history – on January 18th, 2017, we’ll welcome Code Orange to the Windy City with what’s sure to be a soul crushing heavy metal show at the Subterranean. In fact, I’ll be surprised if Subterranean is still standing after this onslaught. Simply put, Code Orange is no joke, so enter at your own risk and I’ll see you in the pit.




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