Sienna Skies – Flying the Australian Metal Flag High


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Post-hardcore is without a doubt one of the dominant styles of the metal scene today. You’d be hard pressed not to find a weekend show going down at some club in your nearest major city. It’s just a style that resonates with the youth, especially the members of Sienna Skies.

Formed in 2006 in Sydney, Australia by guitarists Michael ‘Mic’ Sankey and Nick Musgrave and former bassist, Kevin Schultz, Sienna Skies was inspired early on by a number of styles including pop punk, screamo and the many shades of metal and hardcore.

Over the decade since formation the band has steadily crafted a style unique to themselves thanks to their belief that a band shouldn’t adhere to just one style of music – post-hardcore is just used as a casual answer and they essentially leave it up to fans to decide what style they play.

In the decade since formation Schultz has since left the band and a few members have come and gone, but Musgrave and vocalist, Tom Pirozzi, say the lineup has remained steady since they began releasing their 2007 debut EP Where Joy Exists, Despair Reckons.

Since the release of their debut, the band has gone on release four full length albums through New Justice Records (2009’s Truest of Colors) and InVogue Records (2012’s The Constant Climb, 2014’ Seasons, and 2016’s A Darker Shade of Truth), amassing over 53,000 likes on Facebook.

Despite attaining some serious success with their music, considering the social climate of heavy music in the 21st century, the band has faced its share of struggles. Losing members is never easy, especially when your singer leaves shortly after your album releases, as was the case with Seasons. Despite such a setback and many more, including having to tie a loose exhaust pipe to the van with a guitar string just to reach the service station, the band has always met their challenges head on and persevered.

A true testament to the band’s success is not only crossing the ocean and playing the USA, but doing so as a support act for their musical idols, Story of the Year. As well as this, the band credits getting a record label deal and being able to punch out an album every two years as humbling and fulfilling. As of this writing, the band is touring in Japan for a second time and will be releasing 2017 tour information soon.

Attributing their success to resourcefulness and pure energy while performing, Sienna Skies isn’t the kind of band to rock the house then dip into the back never to be seen again. Rather, they man their merch tables, share a couple of cold ones with their fans and have a good time.

Though the 2017 touring schedule isn’t yet available, the band will no doubt return to their native Australia, as well as the USA and Europe in support of their new album, A Darker Shade of Truth. In the meantime, you can find all of their music wherever heavy music is sold and don’t forget to check out their new video for ‘Divided.’



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