Underground Spotlight: Black Abyss

14908284_10154783098533945_1383631132183111285_nWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Power metal is one of those domineering styles in the heavy metal world. Its fast paced and melodic style is a favorite among metal fans and there’s plenty to choose from. One power metal band worthy of note is Germany’s Black Abyss.

One of my favorite songs by this band is ‘As Long as I’m Bleeding’ from their 2012 album, Possessed. A fast and shreddy tune, this one is a hallmark of the band’s sound, which they’ve been crafted steadily since 1990. If you’re into Helloween then you’re going to dig this band. Olliver Hornung, the band’s vocalist, has a catchy voice that’s, though a little harsh, clear and fits the melodic approach of the band’s music perfectly, especially when he hits those highs with a distinctive harshness.

If ‘As Long as I’m Bleeding’ wasn’t enough to sell you on this awesome band then I’m sure ‘Rippers Punch’ will do the trick. Featuring tight riffs and snarly vocals, this track is a class heavy metal head banger. The rhythm is solid, the riffs are gnarly, and those highs raise the hairs on my arms. The clean sections intertwine perfectly with the heaviness and the solo is seething with classic metal flare.

Though the band hasn’t released new material since 2012 and the time between releases has gone as long as eight years, there’s some concern that the band won’t be releasing anything new for awhile, but with four albums available new fans will have a lot to rock to until the next release. Trust me, this band is worth checking out.


You can find a video for ‘As Long as I’m Bleeding’ Here https://www.facebook.com/pg/blackabyssofficial/videos/?ref=page_internal




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