Anever: West Coast Metalcore

0008225867_10Written by Shannon Reardon

When thinking of metal and its many subgenres, one would not picture four men in their mid-twenties with big smiles and laughing hard with, and at, each other. But that is exactly what you will get from the San Jose, California, natives, Anever.

Amidst talks of their new, self-titled EP, this metalcore band made sure to show their heart as they continuously made quiet jokes about one another, and expressed their love for Spongebob Squarepants and movie references.

“If you don’t understand Spongebob references,” said drummer Soul Kerr. “You’re dead to me.”

Kerr, unaware that he had made reference to one of the band’s latest songs, ‘Dead to Me,’ was unable to finish his sentence as the band’s guitarist, Jon Robles, laughed and yelled, “’You’re Dead to Me!”

This type of interaction is common for the band, who say that sometimes it’s hard to not smile while they are on stage.

“It’s really cool when we play a show here and people are singing the words back to us,” said Robles. “It gives me chills every time and I just have the cheesiest smile on my face on stage. We try to put up that [hardcore] look but we’re sitting here smiling like little kids on Christmas.”

Aside from smiles, fans attending Anever shows can also expect to see generic synchronized jumping and head-banging, but otherwise the band’s movements are on a performance to performance basis.

“Anybody can be up [on stage] and play instruments, but people are there to watch so you have to put on a show for them,” said Robles. “As corny as it sounds, you have to have stage moves – you have to do what you do, you have to look like you’re having fun. And then, if you have a good vibe on stage, the crowd feeds off that and they’re like ‘these guys are getting it.’ There’s this one thing we do where all of us will be jumping, everybody will jump with us, and we’re all synchronized.”

The band also says that fans and friends of the band also have the habit of rushing the stage, stealing the mic, and singing their lyrics for them.

“A lot of our friends like to grab the mic at certain parts of certain songs,” said Kerr. “I think ‘End of the Road’ is the most known lyrically, because we usually have three different friends waiting on stage to grab the mic, there’s a line.”

Lead guitarist and back-up vocalist, Brandon Crawford agreed with Kerr, who also joked that soon the band won’t have to do their own vocals.

“At [our last show] it was crazy, everyone kept coming up [on stage],” said Crawford. “I didn’t even sing either of my choruses because everyone kept coming up.”

Fans looking to sing along with the band can catch Anever over the summer as they tour California, but they hope after building a larger local fan base to expand touring to other states.

“We plan on doing the summertime California thing, we’re kind of planning it and see where that takes us,” said Robles. “But I know that we got some requests from some people kind of across the country on Facebook. There was this guy in New Jersey who was like, ‘hey do you have any tour dates over here?’ but we barely have tour dates in California. Houston as well. Facebook’s been really good to us, but now it’s just finding the time and the money to go out and do this stuff.”

Along with planning their summertime tour, the band is also preparing to shoot a music video to be released around March, they are releasing new merchandise on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages, and have also begun to write new music, though their latest EP just released in September.

Anever also say that they hope in 2017 to be able to tour with fellow, West Coast hard rock band, Letters From The Fire, who also released an album this September.

Check out the band’s discography HERE


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