Review: The Order of Chaos – Apocalypse Moon


Written by Rainer Kerber

Never heard of a band called The Order of Chaos? Until recently, me too! This Canadian outfit brings mercilessly hard heavy metal with a female front shouter and it’s wicked!

Already with the opener ‘The Anthem of Pain’ the five Canadians show us the ropes. After a short introduction by keyboards, guitars hijack the listener before singer Amanda Kiernan enters the fray. Kiernan alternates easily between powerful clean vocals, hard screams and sardonic growls. There are also grandiose guitar melodies backed by double bass giving this song a punishing edge.

Following a strong opener, ‘Death After Life’ keeps the energy high with banging guitars, powerful riffs and filigree hooks. It’s dominated by clear vocals, only occasionally interrupted by growls giving the album some nice depth.

In “Indoctrination” Kiernan almost screams the hell out of herself, while the twin guitars come impressively from the earphones and the drums stomp to themselves.

In “Downfall” the pace is first withdrawn. The song starts with acoustic guitars before the electric guitars come in with punchy sound. But this is just the calm before the storm; soon high-speed metal once again is celebrated. The singing is mainly clean and very melodic, and my heartbeat has dropped yet.

The entry into “Evil Surrounds Me” is melodic before the crunchy guitar riffs start. The powerfully chanted chorus is catchy and Kiernan shows what a great singer she is with power and versatility. In the second part of the track, a great guitar solo can be heard adding even more versatility to this record.

“Survival of the Richest” starts with stomping drums and straight forwarding guitar riffs. Even the double bass strikes again, later partly frantic sounding guitar hooks.

The title track “Apocalypse Moon” is characterized by high-speed guitar playing and incredibly technical drums.  Kiernan knocks out one growl after another alongside of banging riffs and angry growls, which also characterizes ‘The Venom.’

“Sexwitch” starts with banging guitars and driving drums. Kiernan is singing mostly with her clean voice, but without screams apparently nothing goes, not even on this song. There are virtuoso guitar passages as the two guitarists throw the ball to each other making for another great tune.

‘Victim of Circumstance’ invites you right in with catchy riffs, clean guitar sections and clean vocals dominating the track.

“Deceiver” begins with rhythmic guitar riffs, but then again carved on the eardrums as if there were no tomorrow. Clear vocals, growls and high-pitched screams alternate causing your head to spin. To make things all the better, there are some seriously catchy guitar hooks.

Contemplative sounding piano at the beginning of the final song, ‘The Devil You Know That,’ suggests that the band needed a breather. But this is not so as soon enough the ballad style opening is replaced by punchy guitar and driving drums. Again there are beautiful clear vocal lines that are backed by brilliant guitar melodies. For me, this is probably the best song on the album.

Oh boy, what an amazing album! This is high speed metal offering is on par with true excellence. Musically, the quintet is comparable to their Canadian fellow countrymen Kobra And The Lotus or Unleash The Archers. The singing is somewhere in the intersection of Doro, Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) or Maria Brink (In This Moment). That all said, these crazy Canucks treat themselves treat listeners to some seriously kicks ass metal! 8/10



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