Review: Beige – Tripf Tropf Nass

coverWritten by Rainer Kerber

A rock band that does not fit into a particular sub-genre, beige invented her own style, “Hirnrock” (brain rock). Beige, from Norderstedt and Hamburg, play diverse and varied rock music paired with German lyrics. The band’s music comes from the creative duo Mandi “Das FRollein” and Motte Mottlau.

I experienced the band live with Back With Darkness for the first time in June 2012 and was immediately infected by the beige virus. Three and a half years later the fourth album “Tripf Tropf Nass” (Drip drip wet), which was long expected by the fans, was released.

With “An so einem Tag” (“On such a Day”), the band starts rocky into their fourth album. The drums set the rhythm, the guitars pulls you in with beautiful melodic arches and catchy riffs. But above all, there is the unique, charismatic voice of Frontwoman Mandi.

“Dein Kleid” (“Your dress”) was released last year as a single. In addition, there is also a funny video, in which the fans could participate. After a drum chord*** starts a catchy guitar melody before Mandi exercises her vocal range. In part, the song is deliberately kitschy, especially with the “lalala” singing. This is where I have to sing, even as a man.

Question: Who has ever sung about a shop window mannequin? Answer: beige with “Schaufenstermann” (“Shop window mannequin”). The drums are dominated by fast-paced, partially hectic guitar parts. The invitation “Sieh mich an (“Look at me”) comes naturally, but much more important is the sound of the rhythmic guitar and drums. The vocals are strong, though at times they can be slightly scratchy, but then calm and reflective. When listening carefully also the mystery about the album title will be revealed, “Tripf Tropf Nass” are the first three words of this song.

Next, a declaration of love is given to the people who all the musicians need, the “Fan”. The song starts with clean guitars, rhythmic drums, and quiet vocals. The catchy chorus can then be sung along by everyone, as the guitars wail. In the second part, a short but class guitar solo can be heard.

“Mein Herz” (“My heart”) starts with drums and guitar hooks, loose riffs paired with underlying vocals. In the second part, a huge guitar solo is underlined by the riffs of the rhythm guitar. The song tells the story of every young girl who dreams to be a “princess”. Bluesy/ soul-like guitars accompany the (partial parlando) singing.

“Hauptgewinn“ (“First prize”) then rocks again, with roaring guitar riffs and drifting drums. Afterwards, it is quiet, with “Kein Blatt Papier” (“No sheet of paper”) landing a beautiful ballad on the album as hooked vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitars. Close your eyes and dream.

Later, subtly played drums and bass are added. And again a short but excellent guitar solo. “Manchmal” (“Sometimes”) is a little quieter, the drums again give the rhythm, along with beautiful guitar and vocal melodies. In the second part of the song the tempo speeds up.

The invitation “Feier dein Leben” (“Celebrate your life”) should be done in any case. The song is rocking again with propellent drums, fast guitar riffs, and melodies. And again a breath taking guitar solo. “Tripf Tropf Nass” was worth the wait, I have been listening to it nonstop for days. Beige have found themselves a niche, which they fill with their fourth album. Varied songwriting, good arrangements are paired with the sometimes humorous and partly thought-provoking lyrics from singer Mandi.

The die-hard fans can look forward to the probably best album of “their band”. And I’m sure there will be many new fans after this album, which is well deserving of a 8/10.


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