Fusion Bomb: Gearing Up To Take Europe By Force


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Taking the world by storm in the early 1980’s and never quite loosening its grip, thrash metal has remained a dominant style in heavy music. Now, as the pioneers drift further into old age, a new generation of thrashers are stepping on stage. Enter Fusion Bomb.

Hailing from Noertzange, Bettembourg, Luxembourg this four piece thrash outfit began in 2010 as a garage band consisting of Mijl (lead guitar) and Scott Thrash (drums). The following year they would recruit Michel Nippel (bass and vocals) and Tun Da (rhythm guitar).

After two not so fruitful years, according to Thrash, the Mijl left the band to focus on his main project, Mike Litoris Complot. This led to the recruitment of lead guitarist and vocalist Miguel Texas Ranger and the band started to grow.

Inspired by thrash metal, but also death, stoner and sludge metal, Fusion Bomb eventually took on a crossover thrash metal sound that encompassed all of their inspirations in a sound uniquely their own.

“It’s mostly thrash, but done in a crossover fashion. We keep adding some death metal to it and the historical lyrics round it all up,“ says Thrash, who along with Miguel, writes lyrics centered around history, politics, and the band’s wild antics. As for the name, Thrash puts it quite simply:

“We were looking for the thrashiest name around, and what is more thrashier than an atom bomb? Right, nothing, so we became Fusion Bomb. I admit it’s a bit cheesy, but we like that, actually.”

A well-motivated band, Fusion Bomb has been working hard on getting their sound right since their current lineup solidified. Autumn of 2016 saw the release of their debut extended play, Pravda, and Thrash says they’re already working on new material for the next release.

Dedicated to breaking out from the sea of thrash metal bands jamming up the clubs around their homeland, Thrash says the band will play anywhere they can. So what can you expect from an Fusion Bomb show?

“Massive headbanging and circle-pit orgies,” Thrash says, reflecting the band’s care free attitude on and off stage.

As of this writing the band doesn’t have too many shows planned, but touring is a possibility for summer. Should they find themselves able to hit the road, Thrash promises the band will be carrying on the thrash metal tradition of “devastating stages and hotel rooms.“

For the time being, Fusion Bomb is focused on writing new material, planning out their coming assault on 2017 and getting their debut extended play heard around the world.



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