Live Review: Ohrenfeindt, Hellectrokuters, and The Colts in Hamburg 2016


Written by Rainer Kerber – Photos by Rainer Kerber

Want to end the holiday season with a bang? No problem! It is a good tradition of the Kiez Rocker Ohrenfeindt from Hamburg St. Pauli to invite their fans on Boxing Day to a Christmas special. So off to Hamburg to the Grünspan, the club in which takes place this very special yearly concert.

After a short announcement by Viktor Hacker, a spokesman, author and humorist from Hamburg, the opener of the evening, The Colts, started at half past seven. I was able to experience the band live in Marias Ballroom last year as part of the South Culture Music Night. The musicians from the small town of Olpe in North Rhine-Westphalia heated up the fans in the Grünspan with their old-school hard rock.

Set list The Colts:

  • Hard To Handle
  • Magic Woman
  • Genie In A Bottle
  • Better Get High
  • Dead Man’s Call
  • Bulletproof
  • Time Machine
  • The Reaper
  • 99 Shots
  • Hardliner

French hard rockers, The Hellectrokuters, were, to me, one of the best shows of the night. Featuring a hard rock sound that’s, sound-wise, at the intersection of AC/DC, Airbourne and Motörhead, they met the taste of the several hundred fans at the concert, because at the end of their performance, the crowd loudly demanded an encore. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to time constraints.

Set list Hellectrokuters:

  • Babylon Whore
  • Hey Baby
  • Against All Odds
  • Dead Or Alive
  • Finger On A Trigger
  • My Rock’n Roll
  • Turn On The Radio
  • Battle For Rock
  • Rock This Way

For more than twenty years Ohrenfeindt have delivered their earthy Hard Rock / Rock’n Roll to the world. In this time the trio has released six albums and the band is currently working on their seventh, which will be released in 2017. A new song has already been released called “So nicht.” The song, a real stunner, has already provided anticipation for the album. Otherwise, there was a best of. At “Harley-Luja”, the musicians could prove their skills with several solos. The fans sang every song word for word perfectly. In the compulsory encore, their favourite club, FC St. Pauli, was sung about. The outro was the Heidi Kabel song “In Hamburg sagt man Tschüß” (“In Hamburg you say bye”). At the end of their set the three musicians bowed deeply to their fans.

Set list Ohrenfeindt:

  • Zeit für Rock’n’Roll
  • ‘N Job in ‘ner Bank
  • Betriebsfest
  • Zum Rocken geboren
  • Spiel mit dem Feuer
  • Kalter Kaffee
  • Gib mir mein Problem zurück
  • Motormädchen
  • Auf die Fresse ist umsonst
  • Harley-Luja
  • Motor an!
  • Jetzt oder nie
  • So nicht
  • Turbolader-Liebe
  • So laut wie ich kann
  • Rock’nRoll Sexgott
  • Strom

Zugabe / Encore

  • Sie hat ihr Herz an St. Pauli verloren
  • 1910
  • Ohrenfeindt

After four hours of hard rock, metal, Rock ‘n’ Roll at its finest, the show came to a beautiful end. Fans were given the chance to meet the bands at the merchandising booth, but if that was not enough, there was an after show party, which started shortly after midnight. It was an incredible night of music and I can’t wait for the next one on December 26, 2017!


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