Divitius: Progressive Metal from the Pacific Northwest

15181426_1677619905882647_245668638413548887_nWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Progressive is taking the metal world by storm these last few years with its complex style, impressive rhythms, and head spinning technicality. Joining the fray from Portland, Oregon is Divitius, a female fronted progressive metal outfit guaranteed to make you raise your horns and bang your head.

Blending a slew of modern  metal style including metalcore, djent and death metal with ambient effects and strong female vocals, Divitius does well to stand out from the pack – so much so that the band straddles the fine line between djent and progressive metal. So how did it all begin?

“I randomly met the other guitarist, Joe Johnson, at a Volumes show in 2015 at the Roseland Theater in Portland,” begins guitarist and founding member, Benton Joseph. “We both had some recordings online and decided to collaborate in making music online.  Eventually, I wanted to get a band going in Portland to play shows, and soon after met our original drummer from an online posting.  From that point on, we decided to search for other band members to complete our lineup.”

Since formation, Divitius has run the gauntlet trying to find the right lineup. And though many great musicians have thrown their hats in the ring, few were able to give the degree of dedication to the band that was necessary.

“We have spent countless hours e-mailing musicians with very few actually giving us the dedication level that we required.  It has proven to be quite difficult to find musicians in their mid to late 20’s that have time to dedicate to a music project, amongst other factors,” laments Benton.

Despite a struggle to put together a full band, Divitius has achieved this frustrating goal. As of this writing their complete lineup consists of Joe and Benton (guitars), Alicen Hensley (Vocals), Xan Gordon (Bass) and Elijah Losch (Drums).

“We are especially stoked to have the lineup solidified so that we can focus our time on writing, practicing, filming videos, and marketing our music to expand our fan base,” says Benton.

Their lineup completed, the next challenge was “reaching the professional level quality we held ourselves to in all aspects including song writing, recording, and production,” according to Benton. Though some of the songs available of purely instrumental, the coming of Xan and Alicen has added lyrics with Egyptian, spiritual, and anti-religious themes, which added another layer to the already complex and fascinating sound of the band.

Their sound honed and polished, the band has released a slew of tracks from their upcoming debut album, The Arcadian Parallel, for free on their bandcamp page. While some may scratch their heads at a band releasing a decent portion of their album for free, this is part of the band’s strategy.

“The Circle Pit wrote a brief article about our sound and has been re-posting our tracks as we release them to their page, which has helped to expand our fan base,” says Benton. “The inspiration for the album musically was to integrate different modern styles of metal into one album to create a unique sound that hasn’t been done by other bands.”

Their album just a short time away, the band is focusing on finishing off the remaining tracks, as well as making their onstage debut. As of this writing, however, there are no tours or shows booked, but that won’t be for long.

“We are moving quickly towards going live and plan to within the next few months,” Benton promises. “Touring is a goal of ours to be completed further down the road.”

An album on the way, numerous play through videos released, live gigs in the Pacific Northwest around the corner, and perhaps even an official music video on the horizon, Divitius is taking 2017 by the horns and they’re not letting go.


Check out the band’s latest tracks at their official bandcamp page HERE




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